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Will new books send black women to Chinatown looking for Mr. Right?

After the initial success of Terry McMillan’s book, “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” African American women were heading to Jamaica to get their own grooves on.

Jamaica couldn’t have paid for the publicity we’re getting,” a photographer told a reporter back in 1998.  A hotel manager told the same reporter, “We’re seeing groups of ladies coming together that look like the type Terry McMillan was writing about–more single ladies.”

But 10 years later everyone has moved on.  Hell, the story that McMillan told turned out to be just a story after a tabloid divorce and a gay revelation from McMillan’s real life Stedman.

So where will black women go to scour for inspiration about love now?  Prague?  The Seine?  Mozambique?

If three current books are up on the trend then it could be as close as your local Chinatown.  Or Koreatown.  Or Little Taiwan or even your local nail technician or weave peddler. 

The hottest names in erotica has a new book out about AsAm and AfAm couplings.  Honey Flava  is a new book edited by the queen of erotica herself, Zane.  Zane offered an Am/BF erotic story a few years back at the end of her book Skyscraper called “Tattoo” and this book is third in her line of “Flava” books, the first being Chocolate Flava that was about African American erotica and Caramel Flava which showcased African American and Latino lovers.

Another book is the Lotus Blossum Chronicles which is also a foray into erotica.  The book has two stories about Asian males falling for Black females.  Lotus Blossum Chronicles II will be coming this fall.

How hot is AM/BF couplings in books?  Writer Sam Cacas is writing a sequel to his book “BLAsian Exchanges” and his own BlAsian memoir that discusses his attraction to black women.  In most online forums geared to Asian Male/Black Female relationships there seem to be more women than men in the chase.  So perhaps while waiting for their knights in Samurai armor reading these books can be a stand in.


Written by rentec

15 July, 2008 at 3:47 am

Posted in black women, books

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