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What Jesse Said… Again!

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Jesse Jackson called us the n-word.  A few years ago Jackson called a boycott against the sales of the seventh season of Seinfeld DVDs to punish Michael Richards for ripping off that word at two of his audience members.

Jackson didn’t just stop there.  He also made a call to rappers to cease using the word. 

“We want to give our ancestors a present,” Jackson said in 2006. “Dignity over degradation.”

Last week Jackson said, “Barack … he’s talking down to black people … telling niggas how to behave.”

So will there be a boycott now against Jackson for using the word?  And will Jackson be the one to call for it?

People have long been saying that Jackson is an attention ho, not willing to show up for any cause for black people unless he knows that the cameras will be there, too.  When he came out against the n-word and the music industry people wondered where the hell he has been for the last 20 years to have not known about n-word laden music.  And he still didn’t address the misogyny.  It’s really sad that a career and reputation that a man has built up for the last 40 years will soon only be known for the last few years with people questioning his integrity as he is taken to flights of jealousy and self-aggrandizing.

Jesse, get thee to rehab like all the other public figures who have made verbal faux pas in the last few years.  And stay there until November 5, please.  There’s no need for you on the democratic circuit this election year.


Written by rentec

17 July, 2008 at 2:57 am

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