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Vanishing Vogue

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“I got my ltalian issue of Vogue!” my friend Danger wrote on her MySpace blog. “Go get yours today; hurry up, they’re going fast.”

I have to admit that I’ve been remiss in getting my own issue of Vogue Italia, even after encouraging others to go get their own. Truly, I underestimated the number of fashion forward sistahs living in the tri-state area (I thought that eight or nine was being too generous). But after work I walked down to Fountain Square News and was informed that they sold their last one this week –probably to Danger– and wouldn’t get in another shipment of the July issue until Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

Then I called up Joseph-Beth and was told they were sold out and wouldn’t be receiving any more. Then it was a Barnes and Noble in Kenwood where the guy told me they haven’t received their July issue of Vogue Italia yet and when it does come in next week they are only due to get 3 issues.

“It’s first come first served,” he said but not before telling me that I was the second call in a matter of minutes asking about the issue. “I had just hung up with a woman asking about the same issue and then you called.”

Not reassuring.

I can try to take my chances and try to get an issue next week at Fountain Square News, hoping that they have enough issues for all the black chicas and others who want to celebrate ignored black beauty or I can call around to bookstores and magazine stands on the west side of town and see if they have any issues available. With gas prices being this high I think I’ll just wait.

The stores on the west side probably have never heard of Vogue Italia, but then as you can tell I’ve been wrong before.

Written by rentec

18 July, 2008 at 11:12 pm

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