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Making Out in Korean

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From time to time I get on a kick about teaching myself Korean.  My husband doesn’t know how to speak it but I figure that someone in the house should have rudimentary knowledge of it.  I usually give up after a few weeks because everytime I go over a lesson it seemed to like everything went out of my head and I had to start from the beginning again.  The only thing that has stuck is my mind is anyeonghaseo.

So a few weeks ago I picked up a book and it’s better.  The book “Making Out in Korean” is fun to learn from.  You can tell from the title it’s not the standard textbook and yeah, it will teach you the phrases “Narang jago sippeo?” and “Kondom an seeumyeon, an halkkeoya!”, which are things you might need to be able to say while traveling through Busan or Incheon.  And if things don’t work out you will know how to say “Uri chin-guro jinael ssu isseo?”

My favorite chapter is Chapter 9: Curses and Insults.  For the longest time I have referred to my husband as “crazy ass Korean” but after that Virginia Tech shooter I can’t really go uttering that outside the house.  And since most people can’t speak Korean, especially him, I have been sprucing up my language with Koran phrases.

Like when he’s acting up (which is 99% of the time) I say, “Eojiu, jjaeryeo bwa?”

And when he tries to read over my should to find out what I’m writing its, “Namiya”

But the phrase I use the most is michin nom because, truly, he is michin nom.  I say it so much he tries to create his own version.  He usually responds back with ichee non –which is his own made up word.  Today he made up another word, “Beechee non.”

“Are you covertly calling me a bitch?” I asked him.  He laughed and said he wasn’t. 

Mmm-hmmm.  I got his beechee non.

To get down pronunciations I’ve been downloading the lessons from iTunes and going to Korean 101.  But I definitely advise getting the Making Out in Korean book and I eagerly await More Making Out in Korean which is due out this November.  If you aren’t learning Korean they also have Making out in Japanese, Chinese, Tagalog, Thai and Indonesian.

You can insult and get laid all throughout Asia with these little books.


Written by rentec

21 July, 2008 at 2:22 am

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