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Still Waiting for Veeps

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Still no word on who is the prime selection for the position of Vice President for either Republican or Democratic nominee.  Most likely Obama will make his selection first since their convention is in August whereas the republicans meet  at the beginning of September.  Its like they are both playing a game of political chicken, weighing their best option and waiting to see who will veep first so then the other can jump all over him.  “You chose him?!?”

McCain might make a move first.  While Obama is overseas getting photo ops and the media following like fawing papparazzi the media is buzzing here that Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal is one of McCain’s potential taps.  Which would be good for McCain, really.  Jindal is everything he isn’t.  Where McCain is old, Jindal is young.  Where McCain is pale Jindal is brown.   McCain is a senator, Jindal is a governor.  It could be a multicultural love fest (or smack down) at the polls this fall.

Only thing is Jindal is nixing the idea in the press.  Maybe he’s just being coy and playing hard to get but on Faux Fox News Jindal said, “I’m not going to be the vice presidential nominee or vice president.”

Which might prove to be good leadership on his part since half of his state is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina.  Or maybe he’s afraid that if they should get elected he could become target practice for some racist nut out there.  Or maybe he heard how McCain has talked to other potential veeps and he knows that although McCain might want to flirt with something exotic, in the end he’ll stick to the color lines and actually veep someone who is the same race.

Isn’t that always the way?  (sigh) But at least we will have September in Minneapolis.


Written by rentec

24 July, 2008 at 1:03 pm

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