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Is an Obama/Edwards Ticket Too Sexy for the White House?

Is an Obama/Edwards Ticket Too Sexy for the White House?

There is buzz that John Edwards is being thought of as a potential running mate for Barack Obama or attorney general.

Edwards is thought of as an upright and honorable man.  He ran a good for president earlier this year and many felt he may have jumped ship too early.  During his run the North Carolina senator tried to put the plight of lower class/working class Americans as the main agenda for this election cycle and after several months of silence he threw his support to Obama for president in May.

They could be a good team.  Both young, both intelligence with Edwards years of service making up for what Obama lacks.  He already knows the game since he was John Kerry’s running mate in 2004.  Even though months ago he said he wasn’t running for vice president he recently said he would “seriously” think about it.

 “Anything that I’m asked to do by Senator Obama, either as a presidential candidate or as the next president of the Untied States, I would take seriously and seriously consider,” said Edwards.

It remains to be seen if Obama will ask him and now with the recent stories about him in the National Enquirer and Obama might tap someone else. has several times relayed on their site the hot story in the National Enquirer about finding Edwards creeping out the back way of a Beverly Hills hotel during early a.m. hours.  He was allegedly there to see a woman the National Enquirer accused him of having an affair with last October and their supposed “Love Child”. 

Slate is wondering why the mainstream press is sleeping on this scandal.

It should be noted that a political alliance of Edwards named Andrew Young (not the former mayor of Atlanta) is the baby’s father.  Young is also married with children and, supposedly, Hunter and baby have been to the home of Young for dinner with Mrs. Young there.

So the question is if Edwards is the father of the baby should that influence how we think of him as a politiican?  Does it matter?  Do we really need to know that much about a candidate’s personal life?

Maybe yes.  After questions about McCain and his history with melanoma he released his health records.

Maybe no.  Using McCain as a reference again, Cindy McCain is his second wife.  During his first marriage he had a few extramarital affairs and ended up leaving her for his second wife.

People think that his slipping up in his marriage and having an affair would reflect badly on his character.  His wife is dealing with cancer, after all.  They’ve built a life together for 30 years and even grieved together over the loss of their son.  Many people take his infidelity personally and find this failing to be one that can override the work that he has done in the senate.

I see it differently.  I care more about whether he’s becoming best buds with lobbyists and getting special gifts and whether he has a white sheets with strategically placed eye holes hanging in his closet. If he’s cheated on his wife (it still hasn’t been proved) I wouldn’t like it.  But I think that there are better ways to gauge the character of a man than what he does in his bedroom.  A lot of our politicians have been philanderers but that didn’t make them any worse for it.  FDR had an affair Lucy Mercer (which the American public never knew about until years after his death) but if it influenced how he governed then the country must have liked it because he was elected four times.

I can understand why some people might change their opinion about Edwards if it’s true.  To many people marriage is still sacred and if he break that solemn vow to her then what are millions of strangers to him.  So they want to be informed about any picadillos, they want the whole truth and nothing but. 

Besides, sex is easier to follow in the news.  People forgave Ollie North, Ronald Reagan and George Bush 41 for their role in the Iran Contra scandal but people start spitting rocks when they think of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

We might not be puritans anymore but just because sex sells just about everything doesn’t mean we’re any less uptight about the subject.  And there is no way that we could ever look the other way if we had a president pull a Nicolas Sarkozy.

Well, maybe if  we were weaned on it through a really good night time drama.


Written by rentec

25 July, 2008 at 11:21 pm

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