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More BiA: Tonight it’s the Brothers

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In watching the second hour of “Black in America” dedicated to black men I am struck at how this segment has better focus, better flow.  Where last nights jumbled, crammed hour on black women seemed disjointed this hour has more better flow.  I wonder why it is?  Maybe it’s because there are more stories and more information to draw upon. 

But still I have questions.

Like the father who had a baby but didn’t show up for the birthday party (or, really, showed up late) and how he has another child that is also a year old.  Why not explore and discuss why black males are more proned to dating overlap.  Last night we looked at and discussed the numbers about the large number of unwed women but tonight they touched why black men and marriage.  I’m still curious about what is the number of black men who are of marrying age who aren’t married and what are their reasons for not getting married (not the thugs guys, the middle class guys). 

Or what Michael Eric Dyson brought up at the end of the show: how much does skin color effect black males?

And for black men, what defines their masculinity?  How does the hypersexual representation of them in the media influence their thoughts about their sexuality?

And last night they talked about black women and their health, why didn’t they mention black male health who have the lowest life expectancy?

There’s just too much to try to cover in a four hour special with commercials.

But overall this segment was better balanced.  It had both sides with black men taking opposing positions (although the go to guy for it was Joseph C Phillips aka Denise’s husband from the Cosby show). 

I guess we can’t expect it to be more than what television is best for: quick dissemination of brief information.  The quick series can be a touchpoint, though.  If things don’t ask the questions we need answered then we need to ask them ourselves.  And Tavis Smiley isn’t throwing those racial summitsjust to get upset with Barack for not showing up.  It also gives non-black Americans a chance to see how we live and just a snippet of things that we discuss and worry about.

So if you missed the series it will air again this Saturday.  The black women series will air at 8pm and the black men will follow at 10pm.


Written by rentec

25 July, 2008 at 3:14 am

Posted in African Americans, news

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