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The Chicago Tribune Explores Race

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What the Washington Post did for Black Males two years ago the Chicago Tribune is doing, but in a wider spectrum.

The Exploring Race series that the Chicago Tribune began running online and in the paper for about eight months and is facilitated by Dawn Turner Trice.    After getting some interesting emails from readers they opened it up and began posting/publishing interesting essays from those living it or reflecting heavily upon it.  On the site you can read various essays like one woman began ruminating about race when told by people that her European name sounded black. A white female discusses her  30 year marriage to a Chinese man.   A  man ponders what’s in a name when weighing whether to be called Hispanic or Latino.

For a nation that doesn’t like to talk about race it sure is on the tips of our tongues lately.

What’s even more interesting is the section on gauging your own racism in Prejudice Compass.  In it you can read essays and watch videos.  I found the 1960 Cosby Video called “A Boy Like Me” to be really interesting.

This newspaper series is just a baby set but a needed one if we are ever to move towards any type of racial healing in this country.  Perhaps more major papers in more cities will try to encourage a discussion on race with its readers.  We have to talk about it sometime and putting it off won’t make it any easier.


Written by rentec

25 July, 2008 at 4:09 am

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