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Vanity Fair tries to Play Fair for the New Yorker

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Vanity Fairs Answer to the New Yorker Cover

Vanity Fair's Answer to the New Yorker Cover

Not to be outdone, Vanity Fair offers up their spoof of the McCains.  Ripping on John’s age, he is depicted with his head bandaged and using a walker.  Cindy McCain has an armful of painkillers while the constitution burns in the fireplace over which hangs a portrait of a bewildered George Bush 43.

Okay show of magazine solidarity.  It would have been even better if the cover was on an actual newsstand instead of only on line.

CBC reports that some people think it didn’t go far enough in its satire of the McCain, negating to spoof the McCain’s money and business ties.  Others think it went too far in talking about Cindy McCains prescription drug addiction and McCain’s health problems.

“But others appreciated the cartoon as a satire of a satire and thought it hit just the right note of humour,” the CBC writes.

I say if I could buy it along with an article to match then everything would be fair and equal.

But that’s just me.

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26 July, 2008 at 8:12 pm

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