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He Veeped!

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It’s official!  Its Senator Biden!

The Dems have Obama-Biden

The Dems have Obama-Biden

I was pulling for Senator Evan Bayh from Indiana simply because he’s right next door to Ohio and its about time the Midwest took over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Everyone is always voting for East Coast, West Coast, and the Dirty South candidates but we folks in the Midwest is where true America lies.  We’ve got heart.

Besides, don’t you just love the sound of Obama-Bayh.  Obama-Bayh, Obama-Bayh.  Sounds refreshing like a drink.

But I like Senator Biden.  And even though the talking heads keep saying Americans don’t vote for veep, we actually kinda do vote for veep depending on how we feel the veep can balance out the ticket.  If something should actually happen to the guy in front we want to know the guy behind the guy can step up and step in with no problems (I really worried about that when Quayle was V.P; now with 8 years of Bush we know what an actualy Quayle presidency would have felt like)

I suspect McCain will try to steal Obama’s thunder with his own announcement of veep this week.  He has to do something one the Democrat’s convention starts up and it’s still some time before the Republican’s hater’s ball convention commences.

So come on, let’s get this party started.


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23 August, 2008 at 12:29 pm

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