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We are now on Day 3 of the Democratic Convention.  Michelle Obama started off the convention with a stirring keynote speech that had everyone tallking on Day 2.  Last night H. Clinton spoke with the hope of mending the rift that she helped to tear into the party.  Tonight its her husband.

Party conventions have always struck me as pep rallies.  I have read that in previous years it was often used to hash things out but to my recent memory of 20 or so years (I half way watched it as a child and teen) the conventions have always been lovefests.  It’s almost there, except those who support H-dawg were feeling shortchanged when she lost the nomination and then they were hurt when she wasn’t veeped.  So where we are now is in Denver, trying to get them on board in hopes that the Independents watching that ain’t no party like a Democratic party ’cause a Democratic party don’t stop.

We’ll see what happen next week in Minneapolis.  Maybe the Purple One will come out and perform for him, what other reason could there be to go to the Twin Cities?


Written by rentec

27 August, 2008 at 12:13 pm

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