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Does he Have to Pick a Veep?

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How long does it take to make a decision?  I mean, he’s known for months now that he was the Republican nominee and he still can’t find a running mate?

It’s not shoes, damn.  He just needs to find someone who won’t look better than him in photo-ops and who can run the senate.  It’s like selecting a Maid of Honor except if he dies then the Maid of Honor would step in and marry the country.

Or, in the case of the Bush-Cheney administration, the Maid of Honor tells you how to run your marriage.

But the word is Jindal is out of the running and Lieberman has been nixed also.  Supposedly Lieberman is McCain’s first choice but Karl Rove isn’t going for it so it’s either Mitt Romeny or Tim Pawlenty will get the nod.

I guess McCain still has time to choose someone.  Who knows, maybe he’s waiting to unveil his pick during the convention just for dramatic effect.  That would be one way to get the press a bit more amped up about his candidacy.


Written by rentec

28 August, 2008 at 7:29 pm

Posted in news, politics

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