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This Time It’s Not Just for Show

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In previous years when watching the Demcratic Convention I often thought that people of color was there just as window dressing — they would bring the people of color out just to show they had some but when it came to putting them on the ticket or giving them key cabinet positions then that was another story. I have often argued that GWB had a more people of color in key positions than “civil rightd” Bill Clinton ever dreamed of seeing around him.

But this whole week has lead up to tonight.

On Monday Michelle Obama opened by explaining what type of person her husband was and why he was good for the country.

Tuesday all eyes were on Hill-dawg with many pundits claiming she didn’t say Obama was ready to lead.

Wednesday felt like it was a McCain intervention. $e was barely mentioned the days prior so when people cme up and began saying “McCain is my friend, but this is how he really is…” it was a bit weird.

But Bill got across what Hillary missed the night before, yes Obama is ready to lead. I cried nearly all the way through Beau Biden’s speech. At first I thought it was me being hormonal until I saw a man in the audience wiping at his eyes. I think the best reflection of a person is the way their offspring carry themselves. From the glimpse I got last night of Beau I’m intrigued to know more about his dad.

Then Papa Joe came out and lit into ‘McCain’s stances and I could hear Clarence AS2 declare, “He’* got a good face, that Joe Biden. I like him.”

Saving the best for last tonight it’s Barack’s turn to take the podium. Many are still waiting to know who he is. Hopefully he can show them tonight.

Written by rentec

28 August, 2008 at 2:36 pm

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