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The Bathwater with the Baby

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This year politics isn’t just trying to blending color lines but party lines so we can all be confused.

In June Barack Obama made a statement about absent fathers that riled many in the black community.  Many felt Obama was treading into conservative territory by taking on the subject.

Now, in the vein of Jamie Lynn Spears, potential Republican Veep Sarah Palin has admitted that her 17 year old daughter is pregnant, after weekend blog stirrings that the youngest the Govenor’s youngest child was actually her grandson.  Palin says there are plans for a wedding (is that a shotgun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)

Obama has made the statement that the pregnancy is a public matter and should not be for open debate or public fodder.

Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

For twenty years the American family/family values and which party has the most of it has been up for debate since Dan Quayle made his infamous statement about Murphy Brown.  The conservatives have claimed it was them and many followed them in trying to legislate the ideal image of an American family (requisite one father, one mother, 3.1 children monochromatic, preferably white).  In doing this they have denied gay and lesbian parents their full fledged rights as citizens to marry and fully parent.  They have also shaped the debate of sex education in school, which mostly bends towards heterosexual abstinence.  Their whole argument is that decent young teens don’t do sex, no matter what the popular TV shows and music is espousing.  So for years the face of pregnant teenagers has been black.

Until this year, when popular teen actress Jamie Lynn Spears broke the news to her tweenage fans that she was pregnant.  And then the spike of white teen pregnancies in Boston which led to the false and untimely statement of the school’s principle calling it a pact.

I applaud Sarah Palin for coming out with the truth of her daughter’s pregnancy and standing behind her daughter in what is surely a hard time for Bristol.  To me, her daughter’s pregnancy isn’t a reflection on Palin as a parent because in the best of families children go against what their parents have taught them and sometimes make bad decisions.

But with that said, I’m curious to know what Palin’s outlook is on family planning.  I know she’s against abortion, but does her stance on abstinence only sex education in the light of her daughter’s pregnancy? 

And, if her nomination is supposed to put more focus on the family, my question would be should all families look like hers?  I have a good friend who is a lesbian, she and her wife have a child, but if something should happen to my friend’s wife then the in-laws (who oppose the union) could come in and take junior away.  What is this proposed Republican administration stance on that?

One second thought, maybe party lines aren’t so muddled after all.


Written by rentec

2 September, 2008 at 4:10 pm

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