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If We’re So Miserable Then Why Does Everyone at the Convention Look Happy?

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We’re round the bend and coming to a close of the pep rallies.  Like last week let me give a quick synopsis of the first three days.

Monday- Nature gave us a reprieve by blustering with the hurricane Gustav, making us think the storm would be just like Katrina but it didn’t have the strength.  Instead they collected money for the projected victims and sent out warm thoughts and prayers to New Orlineans.

Tuesday- Had to send a shout out to Mother Nature for saving us from just one day.  The second day of the RNC was what I expected.  Fred Thompson might want to see if he still has a part on one of the Law and Order Franchises, because he didn’t seem as nice and competent as he does on the show.

The nine minute (and I think they counted it to make sure it didn’t go over) video feed of Bush pumping up McCain was just so odd. I can’t even remember any other highlights from the night and camera pans through the audience gave me the feeling it was more of a Klan convention than the Republican pep rally it was purported to be.

Wednesday– what a difference a day makes.  They knew people would be watching to finally hear Palin deliver a speech and get a glimpse of her personality so what do they do?  Make sure were at prime positions to be seen laughing, clapping, and stomping on cue.

Mayor Giuliani came on to the stage with a backdrop of NYC complete with the twin towers.  Yeah, I’m still sad and mad about 9/11 but when will he let the dead rest?  I mean, damn, 20, 25, 40 years from now will we still have to relive the day with the pain and intensity that we did that day?  It’s starting to feel like he’s cloaking himself in it, which is probably why he didn’t get the nod although he was the favorite to get the nomination at this time last year.

And his speech was long, too.  10 minutes before he actually finished I just tuned him out because I was done with him.

Sarah Palin — she delievered a good speech, like I thought she would.  I wasn’t emotionally moved like with Joe and Beau Biden’s last week but she got in a couple of good points; she was well paced and got off a few good ones.  I’m more interested in what she glossed over, how McCain-Palin plan to unveil in January ideas about alternative energy.  Since most people agree that Alaska drilling (yeah, yeah, Drill Baby Drill) won’t produce anything for years down the line then I’m more interested in what can be done now to help alleviate the squeeze that many of us are feeling at home because of high gas and food prices. 

I find it interesting how hard they hit with McCain being a veteran and how he served his country.  Eight years ago those credentials didn’t mean damn thing when he was up against Bush.  Nor did Al Gore or John Kerry’s veteran status mean anything but now for Republicans it means all the world. 

Tomorrow we get to hear John McCain and I hope its not another recap of the fact he was a POW and 22 year veteran because I know this.  But as Janet Jackson said, “What have you done for me lately?”  I can’t eat that.  I can’t put it on the table or send it to the bursar’s office to pay for my daughter’s college tuition.  Yes, I care about the war and I want our boys home but I’m also worried about day to day life.

In July, the Misery Index is 11.3%. It’s not the highest it’s ever been, the highest was 21.98 when Jimmy Carter was in office.  Nor is it the lowest, in it’s 60 year history the lowest was in the Eisenhower administration when it was as low as 2.97. 

The Misery Index=unemployment + inflation.  With unemployment at 5.7 and inflation at 5.6 it gives us a misery index of 11.3. 

But who is to say that we are as miserable as that.  Watching both conventions now the politicians look happy and cheerful, fully believing that their plan is the remedy for what ails America.  So I guess it depends on who Americans believe can get us out of this slump.  The Republicans who want to give money to the rich or the Democrats who want to take money away from them.

But if I could be as cheerful as them I don’t think it would really matter.


Written by rentec

4 September, 2008 at 4:07 am

Posted in politics

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