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Superheroes: The Party of Superman vs. the Party of Batman

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Those who are into comic books and superheroes sometimes have this argument: who could win in a fight between Batman and Superman?

Some say Superman because he is more powerful.  He’s faster, stronger and unless you have a rock of kryptonite in your pocket he can’t be beat. 

Other’s say it’s Batman.  One, because he knows about Superman’s Krytonite weakness.  Also because even though he’s human, he is better at out thinking Superman.  Superman is good, but his super body doesn’t house a superbrain. 

In times like this a country is in need of a superhero and since we don’t have one to call on we have to rely on our political parties but which one?

The Free Public has aligned it this way: Superman is a Democrat and Batman is a Republican.

The writer argues that Superman is a Democrat because he grew up on small farm and grew up to work for a newspaper and such large papers have a “heavy focus on moving forward with equal rights for racial or sexual minorities”.

“The villains Superman often combated were rich and powerful,” write the Free Public.  “For example, the criminal Lex Luthor was a wealthy businessman, likely utilized by the writers of Superman as a symbol of massive, corporate, unregulated American business practices.”

Likewise he paints Batman as a Republican because he comes from money and most likely would vote with those interests in mind.

I have to disagree with the author of the piece.  Although I believe it may have been true when the characters were created, but the times must have certainly made the heroes change the parties.  In the new millennium Superman is a Republican and Bruce Wayne is a Democrat and here’s why:

Geography: in 2008 the Republicans have claimed and hold dear (tightly dear) those who hale from small towns and disdain the cosmopolitan life.  I am sure that although Clarke is living in NYC he still holds dear to those values he learned in Smallville.  Bruce Wayne on the otherhand is from the big city.

False identities: the fact that Superman likes to wear simple eyeglasses to help him create a secret identity puts him with the Republicans.  It’s the same way GWB likes to say he’s a Texan although he grew up in the East (he attended Phillips Academy and Yale).  What’s adorable is that people always fall for the simple ruse.

Clarke was also an alien parading as a human.  Republicans are often from rich, established wealthy families parading as everyday Joes.

Bruce Wayne’s intelligence: Batman is the thinking man’s Superhero.  He doesn’t have any superpower so he has to rely on his wits and supercool gizmos to take down the bad guys.  The Democrats are often characterized as being too intelligent and elite for their own good.  Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar, Al Gore turned voters off with his intelligence during the 2000 election and Barack Obama has been described as an elitist.  A lot of Democrats weren’t born into money (Clinton grew up in a trailer park, Barack Obama’s mother was on welfare at one point, and John Edwards father was a mill worker) but the education and intelligence of Democrats and their deigning not to hide it or dumb down their conversations when talking to voters, is enough to give them the stamp of pretention.

Use of power: Superman is known to resort to force first when dealing with his supervillians. 

While Batman used intelligence, Superman often resorted to violence, the political equivalent to war. Superman would sooner melt an opponent with his heat vision than he would extend a negotiation or use intellect. He was a supporter of the use of force. (Free Public)

The Republicans are for world militarization.  Their ideas of using force first and disdaining the idea of talking to your enemies is akin to Superman’s first line of defense of beating up the bad guys.  Not being able to outpower his enemies, Batman first tries to rely on his wits. 

Personal outlooks: Clarke Kent often views the world though rose colored glasses.  People are either good or bad and he reacts to them accordingly.

Batman is dark and twisted.  He dated Catwoman who is dark and twisted.  He could deal with the dichotomy of human nature.

Republicans often say, “My Country, right or wrong.”  Democrats often look at the country using a harsh lens that make Republicans blanche and call the Dems unpatriotic.

You would think in a city as corrupt as Gotham the two superheroes would be good friends but they aren’t.  Superman has broken Batman’s back.  Batman has killed Superman after Superman had gotten a hold of some bad red Krytonite.  Most times they are friends but they just don’t trust each other.

Sounds like Washington.

The battle of the Superparties will be decided in November.  But just like Batman and Superman, the losing party will come back to fight another day.

And that’s the way the fans like it.


Written by rentec

5 September, 2008 at 5:35 am

62 Responses

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  1. What trash have you come up with? It’s just entertainment and that’s all. There is nothing to dissect between the two. Superman is just as witty as Batman, and does not always resort to force first. Superman also has to think as Batman does. If you want to try and get realistic with it though, if Batman were contemplating a plan to destroy Superman, while he’s busy doing that Superman would hit him with his ray beam as you called it and that’s that.

    The real problem with the whole Batman v. Superman is the fact that humans think we are the only form of intelligent life in the universe. Even if we found life beyond this planet, humans would think they are superior.

    Yes Superman is an alien who has come to earth and pretends to be on our level as a human, while secretly protecting humans. He is already superior, yet he humbles himself as he was taught by his father, of a world far greater than earth.

    Now Batman is awesome and all that, but he is human. He can be killed like his parents were just walking the streets. A freak accident, a building collapsing, a fatal car accident and Bruce Wayne is dead. Clark Kent, he has to figure out a way to escape and make it seem like he was not there in the accident.

    While I am typing all of this I am remembering how upset I was by Superman Returns. The actors were great and complimented Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman and Margot Kidder. But the story was gay and sucked. It made Superman look like a stalker. Also he went to his home planet to find it was not there, yet he came back in a space ship. WTF? Come on writers!!! And don’t tell me he left and came back in the same ship he crash landed to earth in. When the little boy pushed that piano, the majority of the theater was booing. It was such a disappointment.

    The movie even made Lois Lane look like a lying whore. I mean the little boy is 5 years old, right? Superman (and Clark Kent), was only gone for 5 years (yet no one puts it together; can we say stupid humans?). Yet she has another man who believes this kid is his son, so Lois must have been having sex with someone else while she was with Superman.

    I know its all entertainment, but since you were referring to realistic views, I just thought I would drop some reality on you because you make Batman out to be superior to Superman because Superman is alien. Maybe that’s what makes Superman superior to all of us. Yet he pretends to be one of us while protecting us.

    With Bruce Wayne’s smug attitude, vengeance streak and human nature, he would turn bad way before Superman because he is human. Bruce Wayne aspires to be more and is more as Batman, but Superman always is more.

    I am sure Batman v Superman will be a big disappointment to hero fans in general, no matter if they be Batman fans or Superman fans. Today’s movies suck. The last great movie was Transformers… And who truly defeated Megatron and the Decepticons, humans and Sam Witwicky. The fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron was terrible. Let’s hope we don’t have the same terrible conflict with Batman and Superman.

    K. Hallums

    10 September, 2008 at 12:07 am

  2. Let us think about this scientifically now… starting with who is more “intelligent”
    let us start with batman to be fair to batman fans.
    Batman is smart and even innovative at times. But how do you define intelligence. there are people out there that certainly have a higher intelligence then batman but no human on earth has the guts nor the brains to define whatt intelligence is. But i digress… batman is smart but he doesn’t have a perfect 300 IQ or a 36 on the ACT’s for that matter.

    Superman’s intelligence: It isn’t really an issue with superman his intelligence that is. He comes from a species of aliens that is so advanced that their universal language (kryptonian) etched not only in their memories but in their DNA. Let me explain, CLark Kent went to earth befor ever “learning his language” his language through “learning” was American English. His first biological language though is kryptonian. When raised he learned english but he knew since he was born the language of krypton. When he first saw the language of krypton on earth he had never seen it before but yet he instantly knew how to read it. He amy be a humanoid like us but not only is he smarter than us… his brain is more highly evolved.

    His species technology was so advanced that comparing our tech to their’s is like comparing smoke signals to a cellular phone or a rock (as a weapon ) to a anti- matter bomb with the most advanced guidance system.

    Not to mention the fact that he has defeated enemies that are not only smarter than batman but they are omniscient examples are brainiac and darkside.

    I’ll cite the fact that superman has beat the world’s greatest chess player and batman has trouble catching that semi-retarded joker (most of the time he doesn’t catch him how sad)

    For superman to drop to a level of intelligence compared to humans (such as batman) would be like giant gonzalez kneeling down to try to get eye level with a freakshly small jockey.
    Do you honestly think some god like being such as superman would come to earth with his few weaknessess readily exposed for the imperfect inhabitants to readily exploit. The answer is no. But why does it seem so easy to exploit his physical “weaknesses” and i’ll explain that.

    The reason he is so chronically bound to run into his physical weaknesses is because someone took adavantage of his love for humans.
    If you ever watch his shows or read the comics superman is constantly trying to come down to our level because he was raised to care about life. By doing this “coming down to the human level” he has to expose both physical and mental weaknesses that do not come from his kryptonian heritage but it is a uniquely human trait to care about others which he adapted from his human host family (carelessly but not purposely the kents gave superman his biggest weakness watch Smallville and you will see that i am right).

    In this same light you could argue (and i am not a Christain but i am familiar with and I have read the entire bible) that superman is a martyr that puts humanity and life before himself (he’s selfless not bitter and unemotional like batman whos only out for revenge)and this martyrdom of going from god to a very human martyr is not unique to Superman. In many ways he is like Jesus Christ and i would argue he is more so than that bitter hateful man that is batman. God came down to our human level as best he could (according the biblical story) and he taught lessons through not just his words but most importantly his actions. But though he did his best to be like us and love us and care for us he was betrayed by his imperfect creation (odd you with think a perfect being…omnipotent…omniscient, would make perfect creations) so he was belittled and scorned at. he was spat on whipped and tortured but even through all the criticism he continued to wrk and perform miracles and then the day came and he was persecuted, prosecuted, and executed on the cross. People stood idely by (cause they couldn’t do anything or at least they thought they couldn’t do anything) and did nothing or continue to persecute this god in human form.

    Now i know you could argue that for just about any superhero (even possibly that bitter batman) but my argument is that this comparison applies more so to superman than does not only for batman but any superhero.
    Look how many times he has fought for not just individuals (who he may not even know) and masses and planets (including Earth) of beings. He has fought nearly to death for the sake of many… with out a care for himself. Now tell me that pompous rich ass batman can do that. He can’t even get over his revenge for his parents death. He has no right to bitch and moan. superman not only lost his earth father but his girlfriend (Lana) and a whole planet of his own kind and he isn’t bitter.

    Superman does his work for nothing and no payment. Where as batman is a rich snob who has to have the prettiest women in town and financial security to even be a “superhero” and he is fueled by revenge and not love for humans. Where would be BRuce Wayne if his parents had not been robbed and killed…just another rich spoiled brat. Where would he be if he didn’t have his luxuries and beautiful women.
    He would just be a normal guy. He wasn’t born with super powers and with out neither equipment or super powers he would be useless and powereless in a figth with supervillains he would be another bystander just watching superman do his job. Because batman wasn’t born with superpowers he doesn’t have the responsibility or burden that superman was born with… unlike superman he can quit anytime because he is human. For superman though…with his superpowers he has to stand by a moral code ” with great power comes great responsibility” or he cracks uner pressure and becomes evil)

    And i know a batman fan will argue that money is power. who are you bill gates. Money cannot by you happiness and it is a two sided coin ( see the irony in this) it can be good and it can be bad but mostly greed comes out of it. Let me ask you why hasn’t bruce given more of his money directly to the peopel of Gotham. If he were to be more of a “philanthopist” as he proudly refers to himself as then people could afford to pay taxes (we could pay for better politicians and and a stonger police force, better education to keep our kids off the streets and better psychology wards for trulys sick people like the joker), afford protection, crime rates would go down, if he did this obviosly we wouldn’t need that useless vigilante that is batman. To me Batman is one of those rich republicans who refuse to part with their precious money…he only gives away money if it makes him feel better about himself or benefits him like making his night life as the batman easier as evidenced by every tv show, comic book, or movie about him.

    Let us not talk these heros physical traits because obviously Superman is the winner in that department as well


    12 September, 2008 at 4:46 pm

  3. this shit is awsome it kicks ass


    14 September, 2008 at 2:19 am

  4. seria divertido una pelicula asi

    noemi dominguez

    17 September, 2008 at 12:04 am

  5. I am an avid reader of comics, particularly DC, and I have to say that you can’t really compare…But to make a comparison to go along with the subject, the author about this is wrong about Superman in the sense that he is not quick to fight. He is, in fact, the “Boy Scout,” as he is referred to by his brethren. He is never quick to violence, but resorts to it as a means to get rid of a particular threat. He is ever the good soldier and people love him for that. They praise him and glorify him. This does not however have anything to do with his intelligence however. He is smarter than the average human, but when it comes to tactical fighting, no one is better than the Batman.

    Batman is the smartest of all superheroes. He is known as the “Detective” to all in the DC universe. Batman does live for vengeance because of the promise he made to his parents on their graves. It is a question as to whether Bruce Wayne is Batman or Batman is Bruce Wayne. Bruce Wayne acts as a selfish, arrogant jerk in the public eye to use as a means of pushing away the possibility that he may be Batman. This is a good idea for him and just a small stroke of intelligence. Batman is also a master tactician and an expert in hand to hand combat, having trained in all styles of martial arts and being trained b y his enemy Ra’s al Ghul himself. He is also a master detective and can solve crimes with very little clues and he pays very high attention to detail. He may not have the highest IQ, but he is a master at what he does best. He is also very could with machinery(see: Brother Eye).

    In this sense, Batman and Superman have a very odd relationship. They go about things in opposite manners, but they have the sam common goal: Protect humanity from the evils that come against it, usually in their own cities. Batman protects Gotham in the night; Superman holds the fort of Metropolis. They have worked together to save the world(see: any Crisis), and they are also good friends in person. They also have the same one-rule policy; do not kill. Batman usually can push this rule to a further extent than Superman, but never has he blatantly killed someone. He has not even killed the Joker, his mortal enemy, even though he has had the opportunity multiple times. Superman does not exercise his right to kill simply because he doesn’t have to. He has superpowers, and he usually fights someone that is inferior to him.

    It’s too hard to compare these two, and yet they are very similar. They both lost their parents, but still have parental figures; Batman has Alfred, and Superman has the Kent’s. They both have the same rule to not kill. They both rock as superheroes, they both have morals, and they both win. they are equal as superheroes and they should be thought of as a team, not as individuals that fight each other, they only did this once(see: Hush).

    pat armstrong

    17 September, 2008 at 10:12 pm

  6. Wow! I am glad that people are submitting comments. I agree with everyone above, especially Pat Armstrong. The two are great, separate as well as together. So why engage them against one another? The only thing I would like to point out is that Superman does not have the Kent’s, as Mr. Kent did pass. However, they do both have the same goals when it comes to protecting humans. I also must still bring up the fact that Superman is not human, yet protects humans as if he owes them. Listen as supermankills-batmansucks stated, Superman does his work for nothing and no payment. “With great power comes great responsibility.” That is something I will teach my son and the world needs to remind our next American President of everyday.

    Batman is great, as he provides a sense of darkness for fans who finally want to see a hero is not afraid to use his smart wit and strength to stop the villains of this world; even coming close to killing them. I mean how long will we allow villains to kill and destroy, to only get locked up for a time and come back to wreck havoc upon the world?

    It is time for a hero who can completely eliminate villains, just as the villains eliminate others. Truth is there will always be villains, people fighting against the system. But heroes only come every once in a while. When are they going to allow our heroes to eliminate the threats? Both Batman and Superman can do this.

    Instead of pitting one against the other, bring them together for the greater good. As far as I can tell by the news now a days, there will always be evil and bad people out there to fight. Why put the two best powers Earth has ever known, even if just as entertainment, against one another? Especially being that these two are American made.

    America has sold out to the world for the all mighty dollar and I fear for America, that one day it will fall because of it. Let me clarify. Everything that I have known growing up has sold out to overseas corporations. I mean come on… Budweiser being sold out to In-Bev. Not only that, but our American jobs have been little by little shipped overseas. As long as DC doesn’t sell out, it’s almost all we have left.

    For sure America will always have law breakers and killers and thieves. Let Batman and Superman deal with them. Truthfully, the world will always have this problem, but not taking anything away from Batman, let Superman deal with them. Truth is Batman can not fly to the edge of earth and listen to all of earth and help out the entire planet. Also Superman can not be everywhere at once. So where Batman is Superman needs not worry about.

    All I know is that Superman and Batman are the greatest heroes of all time. Doesn’t matter who is better (or who is Democrat or Republican), it only matters that they do what they have sworn to do.

    I have always been a Superman fan. What he stands for and the actions he as always represented in live action pictures is what I strive to be in life. Sadly I have fell short on more than one occasion and still fall short, but I aspire. Do not take that away. They are both too important. This is my plea to anyone and all who have a hand in the creations of future Superman and/or Batman movies. Batman is great and has come a long way with Batman Begins and more recently Batman Dark Knight. Superman and Superman 2 were great, then it took a downward spiral and Superman Returns did not help. I also blame the actors sort of… I mean a true Superman follower/fan, would not have accepted the script of Superman Returns. If the actors would stand up and say, “No that’s not right or that sucks!”, maybe we’d have better movies. Instead they are quick to say yes upon the advice of a managing agent, who is only out for the big bucks.

    Let’s get real once again.

    Love and Respect to Christopher Reeve. The best Superman Ever! I miss you! And I think I speak for all Superman and Batman fans right now when I state, WE MISS YOU!

    K. Hallums

    21 September, 2008 at 4:59 am

  7. I ‘ll admit i am supermankillz- batman sucks. I would like to apologize for goign about this subject in such a gruff way. the number one rule of a debate is to look at it on both sides of the table, or else you have committed “confirmation bias”. though i did try to level both sides, i did indeed lean toward a bias viewpoint. You see i have been monitoring this site ever since i posted last. Now i can see this is a debate friendly site (i am used to blatant attacks on my personality rather than my opinion). Another rule of debate that is rarely followed is to attack a person’s opinion and not the person who is giving the opinion.
    To answer K. Hallums as to “why pit the two against each other?”.
    well it is simple just for the sake of fun and debate.

    what i think scares you Hallums is the fact that the friendly debate could turn into a heated discussion,argument, or even a fight just like i felt until i found this site that few people know about and i have waited awhile for some batman fanatic to shoot a response full of hostilities at me because that is the norm of other blog sites…and it may not be an excuse but i think that is why i was so hostile to begin with.

    I agree with the suggestion inadvertently made that comic fantasy should be seperated from state (politics) just like religion is seperated from state though it is not stated in the constitution but it is a good code of conduct to go by.
    Though you didn’t make it too obvious ( at least until that last couple of paragraphs)that you prefered the superman side of the debate… you can clearly see you did indeed pit batman against superman, but you did in a way that nobody got hurt. In fact you didn’t attack the batman opponent or their opinion but you merely pointed out advantages superman had as a hero that batman does not and you pointed out flaws in batman without attacking the character. Such, a statement as an opening statement or rebuttal is rare to come by in a debate, though you think it would be the more obvious route, often can win the debate with ease you just pray that the audience or the mediator agrees with your opinions (coupled with facts) even if the opponent uses the same strategy ( pointing out superman’s flaws and and bataman’s advantages). I applaud you for such strategic fortitude in a hugely heated topic.
    Thankyou for showing me that this is a debate friendly site.
    and Rest In Peace
    Christopher Reeve

    Matt Boyens

    22 September, 2008 at 5:49 pm

  8. Matt Boynes. Thank you for the compliment and I would like to applaud you as well. You were able to form an educated opinion about me because you read and understand the words I used to explain my opinions of the whole Superman v Batman debate. I will admit it does scare me, to have a mature debate turn into a heated argument just because someone is over sensitive or gets caught up attacking the person, with insults and name calling.

    I whole heartedly agree with you about this just being a fun debate which can be debated for years to come. And though we do need to leave politics out of it, I would love to know what Barack and John would think about this debate and who they would… “Endorse.” With all the troubles in the world today, it’d be nice if only for a moment to escape it.

    Truth is I like Batman, a lot. But there is a certain something about Superman that set’s him apart from all others. Maybe it’s the fact that he is an alien who many would consider a god, yet he is still humble and lives a daily life on our level. Think about it. If there is alien life out there in vast space, which has the ability to travel here to earth, would that not make them superior to us? It’s no different than the U.S. race for the moon which made us superior to Russia in the space race. But the bottom line is, I think anyway, we’d all like for this advanced race to be kind and gentle teachers to us of what we have yet learned. True Superman can not teach us his super strengths, but I think you get the point.

    Batman comes from a devastating past and instead of giving up on life and doing whatever he wants with his money, as far as corruption, he invests it in tools to fight criminals. Yes so he has parties and wines and dines too, but the man is paid and should be able to enjoy himself once in a while with all the crap he has to go through in living a double life and risking his life every time he steps out as Batman.

    Listen, you are right Boyens. This is thus far a greatly mature debate and I would like to keep it this way. We should invite people we know who would enjoy this topic of conversation, to give their opinion. That’s what this all about, opinions, which are neither wrong nor right. I will be inviting my brother to join in on this debate because he is a fan of both Superman and Batman but may provide another insight on the issue. When I spoke to him it was hard to tell who is for, but he is a smart individual who knows a lot about all the different Superman’s from Superman, to Superman Returns, to comic books and he is a fan of Smallville. He knows more than I do and I’d like to read what he has to type in this forum. He also knows a lot about Batman. Funny thing is, he was not too big about Dark Knight before it came out. He was excited about Superman Returns and was very disappointed. But with Dark Knight, he had no expectations, yet he was thoroughly impressed and I think he saw it more than once.

    Until then I will be checking on this site at least once a week to see its progress. Until then Matt, and anyone else who may have come across this blog, take care.

    K. Hallums

    K. Hallums

    24 September, 2008 at 10:31 pm

  9. P.S. If anyone is wondering what Noemi Dominguez states in his spanish sentence, translated it means, “Would be a good movie.” Also if any of you have a MySpace account, I just created a new one after cancelling my last account a couple of months ago. Stop by and drop me a request if you have an account. My display name is Superman and my URL is

    K. Hallums

    24 September, 2008 at 10:36 pm

  10. Interesting stuff. I gott agree, Batman would be the Republican because he’s realistic, while Superman is a dreamer so liberal, right?

    The question is, what superhero is the libertarian? Which one is the socialist? I think WonderWoman would pro-choice, right?

    Superheros vote, too??

    This would be a pretty funny comedy skit for an election year


    28 September, 2008 at 2:11 pm

  11. I personally think superman ins much smarter then batman he lived on Krypton which was an Advanced culture right???
    batman would only win in a fight if he had a gun and kryptonite ….
    but other then that superman could kil him with the flick of a finger


    29 September, 2008 at 5:32 pm

  12. November 19th, 2009 batman returns to reveal the heart of the heavenly father in superman, through the blood of Jesus Chris t in the rays that flow through every human being in the earth! The rising of the anti-christ is revealed.. The spiritual weapons of love and forgiveness of the remnant child shall defeat the beast of the anti-christ -dog- in the land who breeds its false perspectives out of the worlds fallen soul into the body of christ! soul which keeps them out of truly entering fully into oneness within the secret place..

    Aka area code name 316 = John 3:16 divided by my dads middle name = for God so loved the world that he gave HIS only begotten prodical son, that who’s heart will beli (eve) in him should NOT perish but have

    (eve)-rlasting life!

    The answer to this divine riddle is left to one person alone!

    (King)ston David! June 28, 1974

    Wade Hampton

    13 October, 2008 at 11:05 pm

  13. superman would have no trouble beating batman, provided he took his time and thought more. However, as is shown in countless comic books, he doesn’t. For example, in DK2, superman travels so fast he breaks straight into the batcave, but batman knows he’s coming and as soon as he reaches the floor he gets obliterated by bruce and some other companions.

    Besides, Scarlet witch is the most powerful superhero, with batman just after.


    22 October, 2008 at 9:07 am

  14. also, batman has no politics he doesn’t give a damn. He regularly tells the government to kiss his bat-ass. Bruce wayne would be republican for sure, because he has an image to maintain, so people don’t find out about his other identity.


    22 October, 2008 at 9:09 am

  15. Superman is the “worlds” greatest superhero. NO one cam compare, there is only ONE Superman.

    Even though Batman also fights crime, Batman does not possess any superpowers; he makes use of intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation in his war on crime.

    In the end, they both stand for the same cause, protect the people.


    19 November, 2008 at 7:51 pm

  16. Hi guys!

    I have to say that this is an interesting debate. Superman v. Batman, or is that Batman v. Superman?

    Anyway, I think that Superman would claim to have no political alligance in this day and age (seeing as how he is the WORLDS greatest protector, LOL). I think he would be very offended if either side tried to claim that superman was on their team!

    Batman, on the other hand… now there’s a doosy. He would be forced to choose a side (to maintain his alter-ego Bruce Wayne). As “the Batman”, i dont think he could care less about politics whilst crime fighting in the streets of Gotham! I would say Bruce would follow in his fathers political footsteps and, since his father was a do-er that helped to save Gotham – Bruce would be a Republican (that is, if he even found the time to stop crime fighting long enough to vote!) I suspect that Alfred would vote on behalf of Master Bruce…

    In terms of the ultimate DC match-up, I dont know how the fight could take place!? Superman is very slow to anger (unless affected by kryptonite) and Batman couldnt really kill Superman because of his respect and envy of “the man of steel”. Supposing the two had to kill each other… and both were in good condition on an even field of battle… Superman would win (at the cost of his soul/ sanity!) He would win by using overwhelming force (ie, heatvision) to burn Batman to a pile of ash; thus voiding everything that Superman had spent his entire life doing. In short, if Superman didnt suicide/become a wreck after the battle, he would pull an Anakin Skywalker and turn evil so quickly it would make your helmet spin!

    Alternately, Batman could win. Superman could just give up, seeing that the situation required one of them to die. Batman wouldnt realise until after the battle that something went wrong. Batmans incredible mind would replay the fight over and over again. Batman would go crazy, end of story…

    Thats the awesome thing though with DC comics, the characters have so many possibilities!



    30 November, 2008 at 11:13 am

  17. What dissappoints me the most about this Superman vs. Batman talk and the notion Batman would often win is….Batman struggles with human opponents such as the criminally brilliant Joker. It’s always an issue with Superman’s brawn being a lack of intelligence. Doesn’t Superman have to outwit Brainiac who is super superior to Batman in intelligence?

    How about Mr. Mytslplik?

    Superman has to be crafty enough intelligence-wise to make this imp say his name backwards.

    You also have Lex Luthor who is portrayed as a beyond a Level 12 genius.

    At the same time Batman has supposedly thought of every possible scenario in a would-be fight, hasn’t Superman?

    Superman is the earth’s greatest protector but yet we are to believe he’d easily succumb to a bitter viglilante with no powers but expertise in martial arts, weapons usage, and strategy?

    Okay, right.

    Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

    I guess Batman has built kryptonite laced Batarangs right?

    The only way Batman could beat Superman is if Batman caught him by suprise in the fight, other than that, if both had time to plan, Batman would be destroyed with but a belch, or a serious glance.

    In the Hush series they had Batman anticipating his heat vision, yeah right.

    The fight would be in less than a second with a speed blitz to disarm Batman’s belt, he is then left with just his martial arts against an invulnerable being, fight over.


    2 December, 2008 at 7:33 pm

  18. Guys they are both equally cool and both kick lots of ass in their own ways. Thats why they make such good teamates, they are both very smart and they both can hold their own in a fight.

    And as far as comparing them to political parties, STOP!!! Superheros stand for everyone, not the just left or right wingers. All that does is cheapen the characters that i have admired and looked up to since i was a kid.


    3 December, 2008 at 9:50 pm

  19. Ok, first things first. I am a huge fan of BOTH Superman, AND Batman. My opinion is not bias. Also, I’d like to give thanks to two of the best actors (Whether villain or superhero)of which I’ve ever seen. Christopher Reeve and Heath Ledger deserve our utmost respect in the very solemn times that we have today.

    Anyway, on with my opinion.

    To this day, I’ve always looked up to the idea of superheroes. They’ve always been one of those “Man, I wish I could.” thoughts in my head. As we all know, superheroes define what we all want our world to be. I’ve grown up just like Clark Kent from Smallville. Seriously, I know nothing of royalty or wealthiness. I do, however, know all about happiness and what it comes from. Much like Clark. Clark has always been “The Good Guy” in my eyes and Superman has always been “The Hero” in my eyes. My meaning is simple. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you can be a superhero in your own right if that’s your calling. It doesn’t matter if you’re raised on a farm, or with million-dollar teddy bears, it matters not. We all know that these two superheroes are good hearted guys. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that Batman is always going to be out for vengeance more so than justice, but he’s still out to do the right thing nonetheless. Both heroes are from two completely different origins in our minds and most of us know that without a doubt. Yes, Superman may have put his life on the line several times as stated by the guys above me, but that doesn’t mean Batman wouldn’t do the same. See, I’ve recently seen The Dark Knight and to be honest, Batman is a very burdened hero. At the end of the masterpiece, a man in the movie states how Batman took the blame of a “would-be” heroes death as to not make the “would-be” look bad. The “would-be” hero was none other than Two-Face. A hero turned evil by the Joker. In which case everyone hated Batman, but Batman knew the cost of this. He wanted everyone to believe that the Lawyer (Harvey Dent, AKA: Two-Face) was the best hero Gotham City had ever known. It took courage and a very strong sense of heroism to accomplish such a feat. (In my honest opinion.)

    As far as Superman goes, he was the original. He was the idea that made “Superheroes” into Super Heroes. He had all the abilities that any superhero could ever want. Super Strength, Super Speed, X-Ray Vision, Flight, Beam Vision, Frost Breath, you name it, he had it. He was THE superhero.

    Both characters have strong stories to back them up. Both are respectable entities that seem to have the same general idea. “Protect the innocent, judge the unrighteous.” It’s a very simple, yet powerful sense of idealism. Although ones sense of judgment may be a bit different from the other, they are generally the same. They’re the good guys for Pete’s sake.

    As far as a fight between the two, I don’t like to think of the idea honestly. I’d vote for the one that isn’t corrupt, and in this case, I’d vote for no one. They both have their ups and downs, but neither character could really harm the other.

    My opinion stands firm: The heroes I looked up to as a child are always going to be heroes. No matter what media may publish.

    May Batman and Superman live on forever.

    (PS: Please, for the sake of our sanity, leave ridiculous political comments out of debates that regard American Heroes. Politics don’t hold a chance in hell.)


    12 December, 2008 at 10:30 am

  20. Okay this is the most ignorant arguement in all of comicdom. If any person out there believes batman would have the slightest chance versus superman toe to toe they are out of their minds. I cannot stand the fact that people neglect to acknowledge the fact that superman’s intellect is off the charts. He is also a super genius. That is the original design behind the character. Super in all aspects. Even in stories as recent as “For Tomorrow” he uses that intellect to figure out the technology behind the “vanishing device” as well as improve it so that it can be focused. No matter what anyone thinks superman’s intelligence is higher than batman’s you can check the role playing guide stats if you like. The gold and silver age superman was even less watered down when it came to intelligence. DC has tried to change the character so much because they will soon lose the rights to supes.


    21 December, 2008 at 1:30 am

  21. […] più un amico mi ha fatto notare un bellissimo post che potete leggere qui, nel quale si tratta il solito vecchio argomento della lotta tra Superman e Batman, due icone della […]

  22. Kryptonite or magic. Other than that there is no argument. Superman is by far the greater of the two. Kryptonian intelligence is millenia ahead of our own.


    28 January, 2009 at 2:39 am

  23. batman HAS BEAT superman. its called JLA: tower of babble. batman beats everyone. he has oly truly been beaten a few times. batman OWNS!


    1 February, 2009 at 8:27 pm

  24. I’m gonna start off by saying hmmm. and then dive into this gelatinous pool. Superman is smart sure. Superman is fast(in bed laugh) sure. Superman is Strong sure. So all arrows point to Superman winning in a fight against Batman. But to shed some light on the situation Superman has no logic. There are some really smart people out there but at the same time are completely naive to certain situations that normal people would consider common knowledge. Superman is just that.
    Let’s start this off both Heroes in their respective cities Gotham and Metropolis. Batman’s doing whatever. Superman’s doing whatever. They both all of a sudden find some inner hatred towards each other and feel the other must be killed(because neither Superman or Batman would ever try and kill each other). Batman instantly has the advantage of knowledge. Now I welcome the reference to an episode, comic,etc… But the episode where the JL are being chased through time and they can’t fight the enemies because there’s like a billion of them whatever. Anyways they’re hiding and Superman is all like oh look at me what should we do I’m Superman how can we possibly get out of here and to the time machine. Batman then responds by saying let’s take off our costumes cause they won’t recognize us and Superman’s like hey but then we’ll know each others identity. Batman then proceeds to name off everyone’s identity surprising Superman who then is like I didn’t know that. Thus Batman could easily walk around in daylight without being noticed by Superman if the battle were to take place before that episode Batman would know of Superman’s identity and be able to track him during the day as Bruce and use all that time or very little time to put together some kind of Kryptonite( I know cliche) shank and get him in an alleyway or back at Clark’s apartment. If we put it after then Batman would already have a strategy or some kind of trap ready to go. As the saying goes Batman is always two steps ahead of his opponent. Based on Batman’s character would let Superman come to him. Bam Kryptonite again you see Batman is as powerful if not more than Superman because of if infinite amount of money. That is Batman’s real super power. He can literally get anything he wants. Kryptonite this Kryptonite that let’s try another strategy. How about no sun light in his Batcave? Or sleeping pellet? Or flash bang? Or best yet any kind of mind control device? I swear to Panda how many times has superman been brainwashed or mind taken(Mentok the mind taker)? A billion times? Because you know Superman would fly in, Batman’s hiding in the shadows somewhere bizzlebam mind ray gun or sleeping pellet. Superman’s asleep wakes up Batman has control over him and demands him to sink to the bottom of the ocean. Whew that was a very nice dip in that jello pool believe me I could have gone on longer. That is a realistic scenario for the Batman ownage of Superman. Now of course I don’t need to hear this a hundred times if Batman and Superman were standing across from each other in a room Superman would win but in a real life scenario Superman has not strategy or logic and loses. Batman is all and to all a Dark Knight.


    6 February, 2009 at 8:19 pm

  25. Ok let’s start with the fact that Clark Kent is not from NYC. Clark Kent who was born on krypton by the name Kal-El and sent to earth by his father Jor-El to save his only son and to save the humans on earth. Kal-El land in the town called smallville which is in that state of Kansas and was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent who gave him the name Clark Joseph Kent. Clark Kent is a Kryptonian a highly advance race of people who technology is way more advance then human technology. When Clark Kent became older he went out on his own and build the Fortress of Solitude which contains all of his Kryptonian history and technology so therefore this makes Superman smarter then Batman.
    Superman does not live in NYC he lives in city of Metropolis. Superman gets his power from the yellow sun. Superman abilities are superhuman strength, super speed, x-ray vision, heat vision, super hearing, super breath, flight, durability, regeneration, longevity, stamina, senses, and intelligence. Superman weakness is Kryptonite and Magic. Now let’s review the history of Superman there has only been one villain that has killed Superman and that is Doomsday. But Superman was later brought back to live by his father in the Fortress of Solitude to save earth once again. Doomsday was created on the plant Krypton which is the main reason he was able to kill Superman. When Superman was killed by doomsday four Superman appeared. All of them declaring to be the real Superman. One who was the man of steel, a man made of steel who had Superman strength, another was Superboy a younger Clark Kent look alike teenager who had Superman abilities but not his memories, the another one was The Eradicator is like the Punisher Superman fight first ask questions later, and the last one is Cyborg Superman who is half human and half machine he also has Superman abilities and later on becomes one of Superman villains.

    Batman really does not have any powers. His only real powers are human intelligence and he has gizmos on his belt. One punch from Superman and Batman is either dead or is knockout. If Batman tries to use his gizmos on Superman they will most likely brake and if Batman use Kryptonite gizmos against Superman. All Superman has to do is fly up in the air and use his heat vision on Batman or use his super breath to create a tornado towards Batman and blow him away. Even if Batman did kill Superman the four Superman would appear and Cyborg Superman would kill Batman.

    Your are total wrong when you say that people are either good or evil to Superman that is wrong Superman believes there’s good in everyone even the most evilest person. Superman does not believe that humans are evil, Superman believes they are misguided. I know more about Superman then I do Batman but I’m pretty sure Batman is the one who decides that everyone is either good or evil. Superman tries to talk to his villains before fighting them. Example one when Bizzaro came to earth and Bizzaro has all of the powers that Superman has. Superman did not fight him right away he tried reasoning with him. It was when Superman realizes that he could not reason with Bizzaro and that Bizzaro had to be stop but Superman does not kill Bizzaro he sends him back to Bizzaro world. Example two Superman never kills Lex Luther and Lex is one of his biggest threats because Lex knows Superman’s weakness. Superman believes that even the most evil person like Lex Luther is good and that Lex Luther has just been misguided. Example three when Mr. Mxyzptlk comes to earth and uses his magic powers on Superman. Mr. Mxyzptlk could easly kill Superman and easly distory the world but he does not because Mr. Mxyzptlk would get bored if he kill Superman, just like the Joker would be bored if he kill Batman. Superman does not try to kill Mr. Mxyzptlk he trys to reason with him and Superman play Mr. Mxyzptlk games that he makes to annoy Superman. Superman ends up tricking Mr. Mxyzptlk to say his name backwards and sending him back to the fifth dimension. Example four Geneal Zod Superman never killed General Zod even know General Zod is one of his most danagous villains because he is a Kryptonian like Superman and has all of the powers of Superman. Superman does not kill him even though General Zod tries to kill Superman out of revenge because Superman father Jor-El puts him in the Phantom Zone. Superman still does not kill General Zod instead Superman sendsGeneral Zod back into the Phantom Zone.

    Superman is knowen to be the only superhero not to kill anyone. People like to say that all superheros don’t kill people but Superman is actly the only superhero who has never killed a person or a living being. Batman kills the Joker out of revenge because the Joker kills Robin. The Hulk has killed people. The X-men have killed people. The Punisher has killed people. Even Spiderman has killed someone. Superman is the only superhero that has not killed a human being or a living being. The only living thing you can say that Superman killed was Doomsday which in fact is technically not true. Superman knew he was dying and had to stop Doomsday so Superman did which some call a religious factor by Jesus Christ sacrifice himself on the cross to save humans from sin well Superman sacrifice himself to save the humans and earth from Doomsday.

    Lets not get into the polical discussion about which superhero is a democrat and which one is a republican. Because superheros are not polical they are just superheros.

    superman rules

    7 February, 2009 at 11:46 pm

  26. I believe you are mistaken when you say that Batman has ever killed the Joker, and also, just because Superman sacrifices himself does not mean that he did not kill Doomsday.

    Ultimately, the winner of the battle would depend on the one that turned evil first. They both know each others identities, so it would not be difficult for either one of them to surprise and quickly kill their opponent.


    15 February, 2009 at 8:02 am

  27. Nope I am not mistaken because in the early comic books when Batman first appeared, he kills his villains by accident and on purpose. Either killing them in combat by accident and when he first appeared in the comics he carried a gun and he used his gun to kill his villains on purpose. It was not until the late 40’s/early 50’s that they have him stop killing his villains and establishing his moral values. The last villain they made Batman kill was the Joker because the Joker kills the second Robin and the reason why they do it is to show no matter what batman is human and he reacts on human emotions like any other human. But they do bring the Joker back in the comic books so it is hard to say if Batman really did kill the Joker or not. Still Batman did kill his villains at first until they decided to give Batman some moral values.
    One thing I forgot to put in is that Doomsday cannot be killed. Doomsday can only be temporary stop. After Superman dies and the four Superman’s appear Doomsday wakes up or come back to life (some people say) and Cyborg Superman attaches Doomsday to an asteroid and sends Doomsday to in outer space. So Superman does not kill Doomsday he just knocks him out. Some people argue and say that Superman does kill Doomsday and Doomsday come back to life but in the comic books that review Doomsday past and how he becomes the way he is and how he land on earth. In the comic books it says that Doomsday cannot be killed. So Superman does not kill Doomsday but Superman did not know that Doomsday cannot be killed. That’s why in the comic book they made Cyborg Superman send Doomsday in outer space. Superman did not even know if Doomsday was dead or not because Superman died. In the comic books Superman never kills a villain.

    But the point is they are both Superheroes and they are not going to kill one or another because if they did then they would be like there evil villains or they would not be a Superhero.

    Superman rules

    18 February, 2009 at 7:50 am

  28. i like both, but, something about superman when u see him, makes u want to be a better person. superman is my hero!!

    cynthia c.

    19 February, 2009 at 2:52 am

  29. all i have to say is please dont use friggin movies as reference materials for your comments.
    they are often retarded versions of the comics that we love so dear. (esp the superman movies) I am not a personal fan of the superman character but i have read alot of it and the movies do not convey nearly the depth that the characters have in the books. the movies have to be watered down and are fairly inaccurate compared to what we normally read.

    and batman is the man.


    26 February, 2009 at 6:25 pm

  30. to be fair dont talk about things you dont know
    there are many different explanations on supermans power but would you care to explain this how superman’s planet was destroyed with only about 10 kryptonians alive. his race is more evolved but not too much ahead to save thier own planet.

    if any of you would think to cross reference changes in each ones power and aptitude you would notice batman is a certified genius supermans race might be advanced but he is brought up by humans also
    and to be honest superman’s really not the smartest heroe and to say his genius is already inscribed into his DNA is bullshit a retard can come from from a family of genuises

    to put into lamens term
    superman= brawn
    batman= brain

    and for your information its called heat vision not “ray blast”

    however superman could easily bring this
    world to its knees however he controls himself even in times
    of substantial rage
    i think it will end in a tie.

    the politics thought is a bunch a garbage though

    and to be honest humans are cocky but when have you seen batman act cocky (Batman not Bruce Wayne)
    batman act foolishly

    the king

    12 March, 2009 at 2:40 am

  31. Here is a video so watch for yourself

    Superman rules

    12 March, 2009 at 5:13 am

  32. Superman rules

    12 March, 2009 at 5:14 am

  33. Superman rules

    12 March, 2009 at 5:20 am

  34. Superman rules

    12 March, 2009 at 5:20 am

  35. click both links because both links are videos showing why superman is better then batman and the video does not lie.

    Superman rules

    12 March, 2009 at 5:21 am

  36. WOW…ok ignoring those completely biased videos. Look dude I like superman myself but don’t be dissin the bat.

    #1 Batman is not even remotely gay

    #2 The robot was made by the Joker and Lex Luthor to fight Batman alone so it was protected against anything he could do to it but not against Superman’s super strength

    #3 The door panel (which is what Superman uses to defeat the robot, which was made to fight both of them) was made out of lead (seen earlier in the movie and cut out by “Superman Rules”) which any true fan would know shields Superman from kryptonite (and is also seen earlier in the movie and left out).

    #4 As for the inteligence bit, Batman had no way of knowing what would happen if he poured acid on kryptonite and was smart enough not to attempt it until superman managed to give him advice (based on his many previous experiences with kryptonite).

    So we are just going to ignore those videos all together. Ps those are cartoons, when debating this issue we only use the true story…comics.

    Now for the actual debate at hand of whether Batman or Superman would win in a fight…the answer is it completely depends on the situation. I am a manager at a comic book shop and have had this debate many times with the Owner. He is defiant to the end that Batman would always win whereas I stand up for Superman. Both have fought and both have won in the comics (one of the Batman fights was already listed above when he kicked the whole JL’s a## for erasing part of his memory and now keeps detailed files on all of them, including their weaknesses)(the Superman fight lasted all of ten seconds when he went into the Batcave at superspeed and beat the living s### out of Batman). If this were Mortal Kombat, Superman would win assuming Batman hasn’t been prepared to fight Superman. If he were prepared to fight Superman he could easily use his vast wealth to build himself a suit capable of sheilding him from Superman’s attacks that makes him almost as strong as Superman (see Lex Luthor’s Battle Suit, who by the way is sometimes more or sometimes less wealthy than Bruce Wayne…Bruce Wayne actually bought Lexcorp once in the comics) and could easily weaponize kryptonite (but not into a gun…anyone who knows Batman knows that he NEVER uses a gun, the sole exception being recently when he shot the god Darkseid to save the entire Earth and is “killed” doing so…see Final Crisis #6 and #7 to see that he is alive still) considering that after the events of recent World’s Finest (Batman/Superman) issues, Batman is the sole owner of the worlds supply of every color of kryptonite. Now of course, Superman could also prepare himself for a battle with Kryptonite-powered Batman with the suit he has that sheilds him from kryptonite and which he wore when he faced Kryptonite Doomsday and other kryptonite-powered enforcers in those same issues of World’s Finest. Green krytonite does not completely weaken Superman, it is simply lethal in larger amounts because it replaces the suns radiation with his home planet’s lethal core radiation, this means he is still super-strong and super-tough and when Batman uses kryptonite to allow him to hit Superman he is still hitting the Man of Steel and pays for it. He refers to it as being like punching a wall. The biggest downside is it depends on the situation. Given proper time and thought by both sides with the use of equipment and tricks and in a straight up fight, it would end in a tie. Both sides would in a certain situation be willing to kill the other but the only possibility of a to-the-death fight ever happening would be if both sides were mind controlled (or forced to do it to save the earth and even then their combined brain power would prevent them from having to fight each other to the death). Now as much as I love Superman’s side, I am objective to both sides. Batman was created to be smarter than Superman…he is the “Worlds Greatest Detective” and the excuse that Superman is superintelligent because his race was more evolved is BS (on that note though to the king…the reason his homeworld was destroyed was not because they couldn’t save it but because the council would not listen to Jor-El when he tried to prepare his people to save the planet). He has the ABILITY to be smarter than mere earthlings because of his evolved species but he was raised by humans. He did not build the Fortress btw it was in the crystal sent to earth with him and was programmed with the knowledge of his race on it. This allows him to access that knowledge when needed like reading a book…but imagine trying to read every bit of knowledge in every language in the world…it would take centuries to read a book that big, and even at super-speed it would still take him years (possibly what they should have said he was doing in the last Superman movie) which he will not leave the worlds problems long enough to do. That said he does not have the sheer logical capacity to outwit Batman (P.S. the God Darkseid lost in a battle of wits with Batman too). oh and whoever said Superman couldn’t find Batman if he was out of costume is wrong…he could fly up to space and listen for Batman’s voice if he wanted to. The fact is Batman could convince Shazam to beat Superman easily and give him a bit of kryptnite to fight him with too (as if his magic isn’t enough). There are a million different ways this fight could go, either could win or the fight could tie if it was prethought out by both sides and everything was allowed. As for whoever says superheroes aren’t political has obviously never read “DC Universe Decisions” in which the DC universe chooses sides with the seperate parties starting with Green Arrow and working their way through almost everyone. Which side Batman would be on I couldnt say for certain and the same with Superman, they both actually share many democratic views but since I am a Democrat that may be a bit biased. Batman would definitely stand for better gun control which is very democratic and where the original author of this post is wrong is that because Superman has the benefit of strength and when he says Superman is republican because he is always war oriented…he does not always leap into battle with his fists, in fact quite often when he fights the bad guys like lex luthor he must be smart and approach the situation strategically. The fight would come down to opportunity although if this were a straight fist fight with no toys…Superman has the physical abilities to win. In a fight with Superman having his abilities and Batman having toys…Batman has the intelligence and knows Superman’s weakness and he’d wins. In a fight where they both have toys…it would come to a dead even tie because Superman could not harm Batman in a Suit built to protect him and fight Superman and Batman couldn’t use kryptonite on Superman if he wears his special suit that protects him from kryptonite. So it depends on the situation to know who wins but they are an amazing team. World’s Finest has been around for ages and everyone who wants to see them teamed up should check out the comic (it’s even turned into a cartoon…which is what the first video by “Superman rules” was made from). And I am still waiting for them to bring Bruce Wayne/Batman to “Smallville” now that as of last season Clark is in Metropolis…have to wait for Clark to get in his suit first probably.

    And to Sonicist about when you said DC was getting ready to lose the rights to Superman….that is complete BS so please don’t write it. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman make up the DC Trinity and will not be going away as long as DC Comics are around.


    30 May, 2009 at 8:14 am

  37. batman is more powerful.and still he has no supernatural powers like other super heroes


    3 June, 2009 at 8:01 am

  38. This is the biggest load of BS…lol as far as Superman and Bats being Dem or Rep. First off, this guy who wrote his view on the article is way off on republicans “going to war first, then asking questions later” allow me to correct you.

    They’re just not afraid like the democrats are to use necessary force IF needed. Example, they’ll negotiate and ask questions also first..however the difference with R’s and D’s here is this. If there’s a terrorist involved, the D’s will try to kiss up to them, ask them nicely to “go away” and hope it happens. Terrorists will laugh at that and see that they’re holding power and fear over you by doing so. Republicans will say ok, listen we asked nicely if you still refuse then we’ll use force because you give us no choice. Terrorists will then either get nervous or definitely see that R’s don’t play around and actually stand up to evil as oppose to negotiate or fear it.

    As for Supes/Bats, again I don’t see how either are really a form of either party. I know a ton of Dems and Reps, none of them are “rich” like you say. In fact most from both I know are middle class and the working class. And Superman doesn’t just “kill or use force” first…that’s the biggest load of bs I ever read lol. He’s Superman, he’s the biggest geeky, boyscout in comics next to Spider-Man. Batman is more of the “forceful in your face” type if anything but he NEVER kills…nor does Superman. This guy needs to get his facts straight seriously with not only politics but Superman and Batman’s methods…


    27 June, 2009 at 5:35 pm

  39. […] Jess, here’s to you. Later we also discussed this entry I read about Superman and Batman as political […]

    Talk « The Lens

    22 July, 2009 at 3:30 am

  40. i have to comment on this it is so true that superman returns was the wrost superman movie every made i would really ask the writers of this movie to wake up smile the coffee and start reading those comic books for inspiration as the movie story line sucked.

    Like the man said a space ship come on it superman since when did his need a space ship like his super man wicth means he has super powers right and if we remember in super man the movie the first one did he not go in to space and turn back time so when dose he need a space ship for.

    Also the whole batman and super man crap i sorry that is what it is batman would not have a hope agenest superman in a fight all super man has to do is pick up a big rock and drop in on batman and that that’s or other fun way super man could beet batman there a list read it.

    Superman could…

    Just fry batman with a laser beam from his eyes
    freeze him with that icy breath
    Or just put him up and thorw him in to the sea when batman would drown
    also since superman can going to the earth corn he just need to take batman with him a leave him there to get roasted alive
    or even better and i think this one is really funny take batman on a flight to space and throw batman in to the sun one batman would die cause his human and would suffocate in space and to it the sun rost bat anyone.

    Now with all that going on what’s batman going to do fire a bat blade at superman like yea thats going to work or wait drive the his car at superman and try to run him over hello this is super man were talking about oh wait i guess batman could always call on the help of robin hehe.

    LIke please come on batman has not got a hope and it easy why superman is just that super batman is just human point made.

    But just in case there is someone out there that is like but batman would still win cause cause of mmmm

    Hear a really main point since batman is human his can be killed yea his able to fight people like the joker who is also human and the penguin who just aboth human and catwoman agian human also the mad hatter and two face and the riddler why there all human…are we getting the point yet.

    Super man is super human with powers to fly freez stuff also to rosts thing and has super stigent and speed and x ray vission and i’m sure a lot more powers too so come one batman would really not have a hope at all.

    micheal jackson

    26 July, 2009 at 1:42 am

  41. Me parece lo maximo,,,,,,
    Bataman Vs Superman una guerra de superheroes, deben pelearse con la chika maravilla ya k ella ta buenaza, y debe casarse con ena de ellas.


    24 August, 2009 at 3:15 pm

  42. Me parece lo maximo:
    Batman Vs Superman una guerra de superheroes, deben pelearse por la chika super maravilla ya k ella ta buenaza, y el ganador debe agarrarse a ella.


    24 August, 2009 at 3:17 pm


    enjoy your loser lives. BATMAN FTW!!


    27 August, 2009 at 6:40 am

  44. Hasn’t it already been proven in the comic books that Batman beats Superman, but has a heartattack because of old age?
    Anyhow, Batman kicks Supermans ass.


    11 September, 2009 at 10:35 pm

  45. I personally think batman would win because superman went rouge for a while a batman carries around a ring of kryponite for good measures. But y would they fight when they both want the same thing? and y r we throwing politics into this? this is how gh3 got boned. just saying


    15 September, 2009 at 4:14 am

  46. Even if Superman would kick Batmans ass, that would only be round 1. Batman is the kind of hero that can get up on his own feet. As soon as he researches Superman in the Batcave, h would do 1 of 2 things-
    1. Get some kryptonite and kick him in the balls.
    2. Fight him at night, since Batman rules unmatched at night and for the fact that Superman’s strength comes from sunlight.


    19 October, 2009 at 11:35 pm

  47. […] and just in case you’re interested here is an article discussing who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman and then also which […]

  48. just so you know, Batman does keep a piece of kryptonite in his belt, he used when Superman went rogue. Batman would win because he’s always prepared and knows all his enemies and friends weakness’ because although hes cool, hes also paranoid.

    Batman > everyone else


    27 November, 2009 at 8:51 am

  49. Batman ftw tbh,
    he is just…awesome! He is dark and sinister yet not evil, and he doesnt need any special powers to beat the CRAP out of everyone, just his intellegence, mass array of the coolest weapons and his fit ass batmobile ;D
    and out of Batman and Superman i would rather have Batman, he is like a ninja….oooooooooooh ninja 😛

    deffo Team Batman here, he is beautiful :’) x

    Olivia--TEAM BATMAN!

    12 December, 2009 at 9:44 pm

  50. I think that batman is better than superman because clearly he is smarter than superman.Superman has the obvious “secret identety” where he changes in a PUBLIC phone booth and takes off his glasses.Where as batman actualy hides and changes and puts on a mask to hide his face and changes his tone of voice.All superman does is use his powers to defeat his villan no thought or plan goes forth, Batman although powerless uses a plan and tactics to obtain victory over his villan


    25 December, 2009 at 12:48 am

  51. Well, um Superman is invincible. I would take Superman over Batman as a security / body guard. Batman is cool and all that jazz. But let’s face it. A shotgun blast to the face and the Bat is finished.


    29 December, 2009 at 4:18 am

  52. Okay first to say Supes would be a democrat because of the whole civil rights issues is completely based in fiction. Democrats opposed rights for blacks from the 60s all the way back to the civil war. Lincoln was a republican, ALL democrats opposed freeing the slaves in the senate and the house and they oddly enough opposed the civil war all together.

    Also it seems you don’t even know your super heros. Superman is not as you say war mongering, strike first and so on. It is exactly the opposite in the comics. Batman has many many time suggested that Supes just kill Lex Luthor but Superman refuses. Batman and Supes have pledge to never kill unless absolutely neccessary. Superman is more of a diplomat and Batman is more of the beat you up then we’ll talk.

    I do not think that you can box either Super hero into one political party as both have varied traits that would put either one into both parties.


    7 January, 2010 at 11:45 pm

  53. Actually, I do know my superheroes and I read comics. You don’t have to agree with me and although this piece is over a year old, my notion still stands. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to come back.


    8 January, 2010 at 1:10 am

  54. That’s an interesting point you’ve got there, Sista’. It’s true that Batman and Superman have character traits that make them appear more Left or Right. Like Clark Kent’s glasses. He wears a thin disguise, like Republicans, to hide his warmongering, nazi-industrial-complex tendancies.

    Like republicans.

    He also tries to pretend to be a noble, pittiful peasant, but is really an ultra-powerful, ruthless, iron-fisted bastard who likes to brutalise his enemies in horrible ways. He wants to militarize the world and reap all the oil profits and enslave little chinese kids to make comfortable shoes.

    Like Republicans.

    I’m glad us Superhero fans have people as smart and observant as you, Sista’. You should be President!

    I prefer the Libertarian Batman, myself. He cuts right through the bullshit on both sides and goes after fear and oppression wherever he finds it. Sure, he gets a real sadistic kick out mauling bad guys, but in a universe where criminals are pittied, victims are neglected, and great men are used and despised (much like our own), I say “HIT HIM HARDER!”


    17 January, 2010 at 2:13 am

  55. It would be very close. I’d say, at the end, brain would beat strength. I love batman. Of all superheros, he would be my favorite. However, I have had debates with myself, as well as other comic book fans and have never biased my decision. First off, Batman has common since. I’m not saying Superman doesn’t, but Batman has more. Don’t get me wrong, Superman would do some MAJOR damage to Batman, but batman would return the favor and then some. Second, Superman has powers, however, batman has manufactured powers. Whatever Superman would throw at batman, he would be able to catch it and throw it back. Third, Batman knows how to be invisible. And, while being invisible, can put a major smack-down on his poor unsuspecing prey.

    If you have been keeping up with the batman comic series lately, you would know that the origional (and best in my opinion) Batman is dead. Don’t worry, a new bat has stepped up to the mantle. Dick Grayson (the 1st out of three robins). Anyway, I belive the first batman (Bruce Wayne) would have kicked Superman’s butt all over the place. However, Dick Grayson is very different from Bruce. Dick is more open. Some people didn’t even know batman existed when batman was bruce. Now, he’s been captured by the press and a lot of other things. Bruce worked at night while Dick has no rule of such. He’ll work day and night. I think, in the end, that because of the reason that Dick hasn’t mastered the art of being invisible, He will lose in a fight against Superman. So, Bruce Wayne would win and Dick Grayson would lose.


    24 January, 2010 at 7:28 pm

  56. Interesting that you mentioned the Kryptonite weakness, because in The Dark Knight Returns that’s exactly what he does. Technically he loses that fight (Barely), but this is also an aged and weakened Batman who was more or less being kept alive by a suit of powered armour he was wearing.

    I’m pretty sure Batman in his prime would be the victor here.


    21 February, 2010 at 1:52 pm



    24 February, 2010 at 11:15 pm

  58. I’d think that superman would be more of a republican since he bases his decisions on morality and what is right where batman was raised without parents and a moral background.

    I think that superman would whoop up on batman. If he knew batman was against him he could freeze him or burn him to a crisp before he could get close enough to use kryptonite.


    25 March, 2010 at 12:51 am

  59. @Rentec,
    I have read your explanations and your article carefully. There are points which are arguable, but nonetheless the outcome of your article is “Batman”, which even i think and would want too… anyways good effort buddy.. Now here’s my explanation to people who think Superman can defeat Batman…

    Why dont u guys check out by urself, who has the maximum fan following?? Be it here or any other blogs. LOL. Its Strange that even after being the SUPERMAN… whoa “the” “SUPERMAN”, he still has a fan following of about 20% of total fan following of Batman (a rough estimate).

    We arent defying logic here ppl, pls give your arguments based on Logic. If we are talking about Superman winning or emerging “Victorious” just because he is “SUPER” man, then this way we should write off every football or cricket or tennis world cup by saying that the current #1 team would win the cup, coz they are number 1!!!

    Logic is something which will convince real intellects. If you are talking about Batman v/s Superman, it has to be “BATMAN” without any doubt. Logic is simple, he is not from an alien planet. He doesn’t go out in fights without planning, he doesn’t flash or shower his powers adhoc on his enemies, all Batman does is PLANNING. He has great brains and lots and lots of Money. That much Money he can surely use and design a bat costume for himself which can defy all Superman’s attacks and still save his a##. Whereas Superman has his alien powers but what reply can he give to Kryptonite belts?? What answer can he give to the technologies Batman uses and designs a costume to save him from all of Supes attacks??

    Moreover Superman is unrealistic and extremely friendly which the Batman is not. That in no way makes Batman rude/not so loving by heart. The fact is he loves people as much as Superman does, the only difference being…. Batman is more practical as compared to Superman. He has no super powers but can still fight almost all supernatural powers and energies.


    i ADVISE U PEOPLE TO CHECK OUT DC COMICS in which out of 10 fights, 9 FIGHTS HAVE BEEN WON BY BATMAN, but because both of them have a belief of not “killing” they didnt move on further. For the simple reason that both stand for Good, both wanna fight criminals and make this world a better place.

    A Superman AND Batman would be the “deadliest” combination on this earth. But a v/s would in my views bring Batman victorious!!!

    Anyways ppl apart from this, why not think of other possibilities?? How about Batman v/s Spiderman or how about Superman v/s Hulk…. why not DC v/s Marvel???? ;);) i think DC would win anyday… 🙂


    28 June, 2011 at 5:32 am

  60. @Bat_is_the_Word

    Just to let you know Superman did fight the Hulk and Superman won so if you were a comic book fan of Superman you would know that and if you were a comic book fan you would know Batman fought Captain America and Batman won it is in the comics of DC vs. Marvel. Where DC best super heros fought Marvels greatest super heros. Just thought I would let you know.

    Superman rules

    9 July, 2011 at 12:41 pm

  61. @superman rules,
    Buddy in what way does your reply cater to my answer? Anyways thanks for informing me about superman v/s Hulk, I am anyways not a superman fan, so I neednt know that. I was talking about Batman v/s Spiderman, and I think Spidey is one of the strongest heroes Marvel has. I love batman and would love to see him defeating spidey(which is also one of my favs) but if anything against batman, then obviously I am ON for batman as always.

    Plus I know about the caped crusader defeating captain America, but I had mentioned spidey, not him buddy. I am a big fan of Batman and I like dc more than marvel. Its as simple as that, so for that I don’t need to be a comic freak or KNOW EVERYTHING buddy. In anyways I feel Batman v/s Superman would never happen. And if there are any remote chances of this showdown, then it has to be Batman….. FOREVER 🙂


    9 July, 2011 at 1:06 pm

  62. I meant if you read the comics series DC vs. Marvel then you would know that Spiderman fought Superboy and that they set the comics up how the fans wanted them set up so people I guess were more interested in seeing Batman face Captain America then Spiderman.

    Superman rules

    10 July, 2011 at 1:39 pm

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