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Obama vs. Palin

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Sarah Palin is played by Lisa Nova

Barack Obama is played by Jordan Peele

Lisa Nova asks these questions:

***Please answer questions below if you have time***

1. With what percentage of voters do you think race plays a factor in this race?

2. With what percentage of voters do you think gender plays a factor in this race?

3. Do you think Obama and Palin are being held to a higher standard in this election because of race and gender.

4. Do you think Obama should react more sharply to attacks?

5. Do you think dirty campaign politics played a role in George Bush’s 2000 and 2004 victories?

5. Do you think Obama would have a better chance of winning if he attacked Republicans the way they attacked him in their RNC speeches?

6. Do you think Al Gore or John Kerry might have won if they responded more forcefully to Bush’s campaign attacks?

7. Why do you think Palin has not granted any interviews or answered any reporters questions?

8. Is the media biased? If so, in what ways?

9. Do you think John McCain is an elitist?

10. Do you think Barack Obama is an elitist?


Written by rentec

8 September, 2008 at 6:16 pm

One Response

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  1. 1. 50% of voters. 100% of Democrats.

    2. 100% of the McCain campaign.

    3. Lower standard.

    4. He should try to refute them.

    5. Yes.

    5. Yes. But he didn’t have to worry about that, because Americans were too racist to not vote for a Black man.

    6. That’s how they lost.

    7. Because she’s an airhead, assuming that’s true. It isn’t, but she’s still an airhead.

    8. The media isn’t biased. The media watches out for us. Tells us what words to use, which light-bulbs to install, and how Republicans want to hurt poor people. Viewers even have an intimate relationship with the medias news anchors. They’re so honest with us, they share their private moments, like how certain politicians affect Chris Mathews loins.

    9. No. John McCain is a desperate old fogy with one last shot and zero imagination.

    10. The man who decorated his Christmas tree with himself? Noooo…


    17 January, 2010 at 4:43 am

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