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Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Michelle Obama

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I don’t really watch The View.  I’m usually at work and when I’m off I never think, “Oh, let me turn on The View to see what these chicks are saying.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck seems to be a lightning rod for her views.  It was her blow up with Rosie O’Donnell that prompted Rosie to leave early. 

She has gotten into a debate with Whoopie over the N-word.

A video has been released of Hasselbeck at the Republican National Conventon last week trying to put Michelle Obama on blast.

Some women would like to see her off the show  because they have taken offense to her views but I disagree.  Since I don’t watch the show I can’t say for sure how big (or small) of an irritant she is.  From the few times I have watched the show I think she comes off as stiff, cold and holier-than-thou but this is a country where all POV have a place.  She has a national platform to spew them but there’s someone like Whoopi there to counterbalance it.  Her ouster only help to bolster intolerance, not reduce it.  In a democracy we must suffer the views of hose we disagree with so all can have a say.

Although I do wish some people would hold their tongue a few moments longer before they say things.


Written by rentec

10 September, 2008 at 3:32 am

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