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Charlie Gibson Didn’t Bring the Miss America Questions for Palin!

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This interview was so painful.  I felt so sorry –for Charlie Gibson.  I could tell he was trying to handle her with tenterhooks because all the rabid fake ass feminists out there would get up in arms and the GOP would come to defense of their little woman.

The beginning started off bad, the middle was okay although she was rambling a bit.  You can tell she was trying to get in all the talking points the GOP has pushed into her brain.  If McCain is running as the man who can protect us and he’s strong on national security how secure can we feel that he has chosen his #2 to be someone who can’t grasp world politics.

Kudos to her for knowing her state of Alaska is close to Russia.  She gets a check on that geography question which is more than I ever could say for GWB.

Off the cuff, she is a bad interviewee.  She’s like a kid faking her way on an oral test after she barely watched the movie version of a book she should have read.

From this segment script we get a bit of a glimpse of the real Palin: a warmongerer who wants to overextend our military.

By the end of the segment you can tell that if she was a man Gibson would have lit into her; he was trying to hold back.

Charlie, next time don’t hold back!

I think that Slate magazine said it best:

“Never mind about her not being ready to be president. She wasn’t even ready for this interview.”


Written by rentec

12 September, 2008 at 4:04 am

One Response

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  1. That was definitely a trainwreck.


    12 September, 2008 at 4:32 am

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