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Mommy Politicans vs. Daddy Politicans: Who is Better?

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The latest Pew Research Poll shows that gender and parenting status effects a candidates chances to win with a Democrat or Republican electorate.

The Pew did their experimental survey earlier this summer before Govenor Palin entered the race.  They found that with all things being equal,  Republican Respondents were less likely to vote for a woman candidate if she is the mother of small children but would vote for a male candidate if he is the father of small children. 

For Democrats it was the opposite effect.  The Democrats were more likely to vote for a mother of small children than for a father with small children.

Taken together, the findings suggest women with young children pay a “mommy penalty” among Republicans if they run for Congress. Among Democrats, by contrast, it’s the fathers of small children who are at a disadvantage and it’s the mothers who are more likely to be strongly supported.

Which should make for an interesting race, not just because the Obamas and the Palins have small children but at one time Senator Joe Biden was a single father and entered politics right after his wife died. 

For me I find the tethers of family neither a plus or a minus although I have heard some people express their worry that Gov Palin has young children at home and one that has Down Syndrome.   But I don’t think that Palin’s children to factor into someone’s vote since men have proved one can be a good politician along with having a family.  And if Palin’s husband becomes a stay-at-home dad or steps into what many still deems as the woman’s role (the majority day-to-day care of the children) then I say more power to them and their marriage. 


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20 September, 2008 at 3:52 pm

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