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Acting Upon Act Six

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The noose is back.

After the Jena 6 incident of last fall suddenly the hangman’s noose was everywhere, reminding everyone the nation’s lynching past.

This sighting was in Oregon on the campus of George Fox University, around the neck of cardboard cutout of Barack Obama.  Taped to the figure was a message which read, “Act Six reject”.

Act six is a scholarship program that is “geared toward increasing the number of minority and low-income students at several Christian colleges, mostly in the Northwest“. 

The university’s President Robin Baker denounced the act.

“It has been my dream to establish a university that more adequately represents the kingdom of God,” he said. “This act causes some to question our commitment.”

The university has 17 students in it’s Act six program. The students, who receive full scholarships, are selected on their leadership abilities.   All but one are minorities. 

“To me, I just felt like they weren’t ready to have a black person be president,” said Courtney Greenidge, a sophomore. “We’re trying to bring change. Obama’s trying to bring change.” She described herself, like Obama, as biracial: half black, half white.

She also said that overall, the campus has a welcoming and positive environment, but that she has heard comments along the lines of, “Oh, I wish I was black. Then I could get a scholarship like that.”

Written by rentec

25 September, 2008 at 9:46 pm

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