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The First Debate

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It’s over.  McCain showed up, after trying to weasel out of it.  If you were a McCain supporter before after this debate you will still be a supporter of his.  Same for Obama.  As for the fence sitters –doesn’t sitting there all this time hurt?  Man, jump off the fence and pick a side.

If you are a regular reader of this blog I am sure you can tell already where I ideologically fall and whom I support so I won’t even try to appear “bipartisian” on this case.

Instead I’m just going to talk about what made me laugh.

For the first 45 minutes I was out shopping so I listened to the debate on NPR.  Not having the visuals to influence me was good because I was able to focus on what they were saying instead of the body language and eye movements.  Listening to the pundits on PBS afterwards I thought there must have been two debates going on.  All the talking heads complained about not having a catchphrase or a memorable line to repeat and dissect for the next week.  Poor babies.  I guess they might actually have to do work now instead of getting stuck on the dumb stuff.  I hope the rest of the debates go this way.

Back on McCain, I thought he was pretty shaky in the beginning when they spoke about economics –especially how he kept trying to bring up earmarks.  He ignored a question that Obama put to him twice until finally McLerh pointedly asked him.

When McCain brought up Gov Palin out of the blue I was like WTF?!  Since she couldn’t be there on stage with him I guess he had to figure out a way to bring her into it.  He should have worn a Palin button.  Then Obama had to give a shout out to Biden so he wouldn’t be jealous that McCain gave one to his VP. 

McCain sounded very old, a lot older than he actually is.  For a minute I thought to myself, well he’s from that great generation so that is why Obama isn’t getting on the old WWII war veteran and then I remembered that dude was a Vietnam vet.  McCain kept saying everybody was his friend, he remembered when this happened and that happened and he has done this and did that.  I kept thinking good, I’m glad you did this and that but what are you able to do now?  He never made the jump to how his life experience has influenced what he would do now.  If I’m ever in Vietnam as a POW I want McCain on my side because he’s been there.  I want to know what he can do now.

Another thing that made McCain seem old was aside from saying “I have experience” and “I know such and such…” he also kept saying “Obama doesn’t understand” and “Obama doesn’t get it” even once when Obama agreed with him on some points on Russia. 

At the end McCain tried to draw similarities between Obama and Bush by saying that Obama was immovable and stuck on his ideas just like Bush.  He didn’t really have a good set up from the night for that correlation but I’m sure it will be oft repeated next week on Fox and others on the right.

As for Obama, he was smooth, cool and collected.  He showed his awareness of issues, gave a clear plan, and proved he could be presidential.  On those points to me he basically won the debate, but was it enough?

McCain gave me more laughs than Obama.  I didn’t really get a clear view of what he would do with the situations now but I learned about what he did before.  Just for teaching me history (even if it’s U.S. and World history as filtered by McCain) I think McCain won.

If the talking heads are looking for soundbites they might want to make sure their gear is in working order for next Thursday when Palin and Biden go at it.  Palin couldn’t hold her own against Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric.  Let’s hope that Palin is able to show up for next weeks debate because another act of aggression on Russia’s part might make Palin say she can’t make the debate since she has to play sentinel in her house.  You know she can see them from her bedroom window.


Written by rentec

27 September, 2008 at 3:54 am

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