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Town Hall Debates Intelligence Squared Style

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Personally I think Obama did himself a disservice by not taking up John McCain on his offer to do three townhall meeting style debates.  I know that McCain thinks that the style suits him well and I have heard talking heads say the same but I just don’t see it.  McCain comes off relaxed it’s true, but his relaxed seems kind of like a jerk.  The bomb Iran song (which he tried to gloss over during the debate) and his insult to a student who asked him a question made him seem a bit hostile to me.  I don’t think the town hall debate is his baileywick.

But for those who would like to hear some town hall style debating (actual debating, not media hyped talks designed to get a soundbite) tune into Intelligence Squared.  The show has Oxford-style debating with one motion, one moderator, two to three people for a subject and two to three people against.  After the panelists opening remarks the audience is given a chance to ask their own questions.  They poll the audience at the beginning of the debate to see where people stand and then the audience votes again at the end.  The side with the most votes wins the debate.

You can listen on NPR.orgor download the debates from iTunes.  The current recorded debate was “Is the Government Responsible for Health Care?” which was interesting to say the least.  When the debate started I was firmly on one side but by the end I kind of edged over, although not completely. 

Upcoming debates are America is Winning the War, Guns Reduce Crime and Bush 43 is the Worst President of the Last 50 Years.  You can still get tickets for the debates which are held in New York City.


Written by rentec

29 September, 2008 at 12:42 am

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