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We All Need Our Own Superhero

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One of the main reasons I love the TV show Heroes is the diversity of the characters.  Yeah Peter, the Cheerleader and Siler have emerged as the main ones to watch on the show but aside from them I cotton to the interracial family, Hiro and Suresh.  It like Lost with super powers.

Before TV caught on to diversity comic books have had main characters that have color. Along with the X-Men’s popular Storm there’s Luke Cage and the Atom.   

In the next two years we could see more heroes of color.  Stan Lee is in talks with Will Smith to be the first black Captain America–if Barack Obama should win the election.

And an Asian American Superhero Anthology is scheduled to come out in May 2009 for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  Secret Identities is slated to have stories contributed by Gene Yang, Greg Pak and Christine Norrie.

Here they come to save the day-ay-ay-ay!  Maybe soon the Justice League of America will get some minorities in there (a rotating Green Lantern kind of counts).  Affirmative Action had to reach them some time.

Written by rentec

1 October, 2008 at 4:00 am

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