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The Veep Debates: Why Does There Have to Be Just One?

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The verbal sparring that many missed from last weeks debate showed up for the Veep Debate. 

Sarah Palin told Gwen Ifill right off that she wasn’t going to answer the questions the way “the media” thought she should and she did just that veering off a few times, sidestepping questions, and answering the questions with what she really thought Ifill meant to ask.  I think she did well; she didn’t implode like a lot of us on the left thought she would.  She did a hell of a lot better than McCain did last week.  Maybe she can show up for McCain next Tuesday.

But Biden –Biden was great.  He hit his points, he said what we needed to hear and about how we needed help and showed we could relate to him.  When he spoke about his family, about being a single dad I choked up.  When he talked about how his father had to leave home to find work to help support the family my heart went out.  He brought home how a lot of people are feeling right now, how he has been where we are now and he remembers what its like and he’s not going to forget.

That touched me.  I know I’m sentimental and overly sensitive.  I’m a sucker when I see a guy breaks and he got to me.  Hey Joe, if you are ever in Cincinnati let’s meet at the Clifton Skyline for some chili and coneys, my treat.

So I have to say I would give the debate to Biden.  Palin was close, but she didn’t say what I needed to hear.  I don’t know about y’all but a sistah’s broke and I don’t care how folksy and down to earth she speaks I don’t see her as middle class and really understanding what middle America is feeling right now.


Written by rentec

3 October, 2008 at 2:50 am

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