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The 2nd Debate

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To celebrate our wedding anniversary my dear husband allowed me to sit home and watch the 2nd presidential debate.  He knows me so well.

After this debate I would still say no clear winner.  If you’re looking for something to move you or someone to vote against instead of vote for then maybe three is the charm for you.  This debate was a continuation of the first debate with a few exceptions.

McCain looked at Obama a bit more this time which was a change.  He only dropped the phrase that Obama was misinformed once.  He only half heartedly repeated a few untruths that have been debunked.  I’m curious about McCain’s plan of having the government buy up the homes and refinance at the current price. Hopefully he can explain that more on his website.

Obama wasn’t the tiger people have been waiting for him to be and I didn’t expect him to bring it –slow and steady wins the race.  At least twice Obama had to fend off the feeble attacks that McCain threw at him and he did it well.  I think Obama more often went over the minute response and was called on it, but McCain went over quite a bit and wasn’t called on it.

Connecting– at the end Obama was able to draw down the curtain andbrought it home how his life experience mirrored the average person.  From the debate I got the feeling that affordable health care is the windmill he’s ready to play Don Quixote for and it’s because of his mother, which I can relate to.  I haven’t lost my mother but I have lost a few good friends who –when given the choice of losing a days pay on top of having a medical bill to pay on top of it– took the choice of not getting medical attention andin one case it took the woman’s life.  (Preventative care means a lot to me; people’s first line of defense should not be the emergency room.)

McCain seemed more at ease still when speaking of foreign affairs and homeland protection.  He name dropped, he barricaded, and tried to play keep away with the topic for Obama, but still Obama held his own.  I’m not sure if McCain seemed to connect with people as much –I know, I know he thinks this is his venue but it didn’t feel that way for me.

If this changes anything in the polls I would be surprised.  In order go gain more voters McCain needs Bush to become a saint, the economy to suddenly improve in conjunction with gas being down, or Obama to go negative or become the big scary black man.  I don’t think he has a chance with any of those.

For Obama to have easier sailing into November he needs to become white –like that Good Times episode when JJ loses out on a job; he wakes up and is suddenly a white guy.  Yeah, like that. 

Since none of those things will happen I guess it’s another month of composed debates on actual issues and a blurry outlook on the future.  I hope these guys are keeping their websites updated.


Written by rentec

8 October, 2008 at 4:32 am

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