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John McCain likes to talk a lot about how he likes to “reach across the aisle” to work with this Democrat or that Democrat.  He likes to say that he is a person that can bring people together and work through differences.

Well, here’s his chance to show it.

The talk through the blogosphere is about a recent Palin rally where the Governor was still trying to make connections between Barack Obama and William Ayers someone yelled out “Kill him.”

At another rally where McCain asked who was the real Obama someone yelled “terrorist”.

I’m looking around to see if there is a statement from the McCain camp that chastises those who feel this way.  I would like to see a reminder from the Republicans that just because someone doesn’t share their same outlook or beliefs it doesn’t make them unpatriotic or a terrorist or a traitor to this country. Maybe it’s forthcoming.  I’d like to believe that.

I understand that McCain really loves America and is worried about the direction we are going in but if he has a win at any costs attitude I worry that we might have more than just an economic problem on our hands.  During the Democratic primaries Hillary Clinton tapped into an underlying racist current that is always bubbling under the surface in America.  It comes out in election speak for the last 20 years: the illegal immigrants that are taking good “American” away from the true Americans; the hedonistic homosexuals who want to bring down God’s wrath on us; the lazy African Americans who just look for Government handouts instead of working or scare American citizens.  There is a segment– a small segment– that saw the Democratic nomination being stolen by a black man and those people came out in droves toward the end of the process to cast those votes for H. Clinton.

Now I worry that those are the people that McCain is reaching out to.  I guess this is what the Republicans call “rallying their base”.

This is really the time for McCain to step up, like he did back in the winter when Bill Cunningham made the remark about Obama.  But maybe it’s one thing when you are running for your party’s nomination to put a 2nd tier radio talk show host in check and another thing when you are a few points behind and need the votes of the easily scared to get you into office.

Stirring up anger this way can get someone killed.  Maybe not Obama but when people get angry and afraid they have to take it out on someone; that’s when angry Joe Six Pack (after maybe drinking three of them) goes looking for someone brown to take his anger out on. 

I guess then we can see how great of a diplomat McCain really is because if he can rile up racial animosity and anger and then be able to assuage feelings and have the racists go back underground I guess he really is a great Conciliator.

Or maybe I’m just reaching?


Written by rentec

10 October, 2008 at 4:09 am

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