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Pitch Black

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Pitch Black is the collaborative work of Youme Landwone and Anthony Horton.  Horton is a street artist who lives in the tunnels of the transit system underneath NYC.  The story is how the two met and how he showed his life to her.  The black and white pictures are as haunting as the prose.

At first glance one might think it’s a picture book but don’t get it for anyone under 14, really.  It’s not Good Night Moon ; you don’t want to read it to your kid at bedtime.  It’s flash fiction that is well written and illustrated.  I xeroxed one page just to keep at my desk just to contemplate on the words:

“our memories
and dreams
walk beside us,
informing everything we see.
we are scavengers
of stories.
we seek
hidden messages
of hope and find them.
we gather evidence
of resistence to
oppression and despair.”

Pick it up and read it; you won’t be sorry.


Written by rentec

14 October, 2008 at 9:10 pm

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