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3rd and Final Debate: Barack Brush Your Shoulders Off!

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I’m watching the CBS post debate with a group of undecided voters.  I don’t get how the majority of them are still on fence. 

Dance to your theme song, y’all.  Here it is again.

I think they are lying; they know who they are going to vote for –they are just attention hoes.

And no that wasn’t a swipe at Palin.

CBS even brought out Joe the Plummer– the guy who McCain was pandering to all night long (his name replaced the “My Friends” phrase).  They cut off Joe before he really got going on what he thought about the debate tonight but Joe didn’t want to divulge on who he wanted to vote for although he’s from Lancaster, OH and I’d bet dollars to donuts he is leaning towards McCain.

My feelings on the debate: I think those who wanted a cat fight got one tonight, well a lopsided one.  McCain tried to bring it and tried to flap the unflappable Obama.  McCain rules by gut and emotion and he was kind of spoiling for an argument.  Obama laughed at him which made me laugh and I like that.  Those who can anger you, rule you; that’s school yard tactics that any 3rd grader knows. McCain tried bait Obama even with race by trying to get Obama to apologize to him (McCain) for not coming out and chastizing the press for reporting on the racial tensions and anger at the McCain rallies.  And McCain tried to blame the tone of his rallies on the fact that Obama wouldn’t agree to doing Town Hall meetings with him? 

I was like –WTF?!  If Obama had apologized to him for that then I would have been mad.

I don’t think McCain is racist, but I think McCain wanted Obama to capitulate to him on that point.  Other people would go on about that and it would not have been a good look for Obama if he had.  Instead he made McCain look like a bully.  Kind of like that kid in school who would steal your lunch and then make you apologize for having a peanut butter sandwich instead of bologna.

For the reast of the debate:

McCain is still preaching trickle down economics.  “Hey Joe the Plummer, you’re rich, why should you care about anyone else?”  It was kind of sad watching him because I have always had the utmost respect for him.  But… he didn’t seem presidential. 

I didn’t get his need for transparency, he said it so many times that it lost potency.  I don’t know what he means although it was transparent he had no ideas, just things he wants to be soundbites.

He stuck too much to the talking points except when he was on the attack and although the punches landed, he didn’t do any real damage.  It’s like Obama was a punching clown.

Obama, I like his cool reserve and his ability to remain above the fray.  His pulled punches look more like a tap although they hit hard.  When McCain was hitting hard at Obama, Obama was smiling at him (maybe laughing).  It felt like he had something he wanted to say and hit him with but he didn’t.  So… it makes me wonder.  I think that Obama wanted to say something but he held his peace but I don’t know if it’s necessarily because he’s afraid of appearing as the scary black man –well, that may be part of it.  Or maybe it was also that he said he wouldn’t do politics as usual and go negative and for the most part he has kept true to his word.

I think the main part is that he’s assessing his opponent and figuring out where soft parts are.  He was laughing at McCain to throw him a bit off his game because the more McCain gets upset the more he sounds like Grandpa Simpson (thanks Ruben Navarette!)  But he was also laughing because he owned him.

Where McCain is emotional Obama is methodical.  I would rather go with methodical than emotional; emotional people are dangerous.  But I would never underestimate methodical.  Still waters run deep. 

I think Obama won this debate.  It will be interesting to see what others have to say and what finds as the truths, half truths and out right lies (especially when McCain gave a thumbs up to New Orleans schools).


Written by rentec

16 October, 2008 at 4:03 am

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