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Desi Hip Hop

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Back in July I blogged about Snoop going Bolly.

Now NPR has an interesting article about the cross polination of Bollywood and Hip Hop music.  Desi sounds isn’t new to hip hop fans.  Timbaland and Magoo had a hit a few years ago called “Indian Flute”.

And rapper M.I.A. sucessfully blends the desi and hip hop for her own unique sound.

Just because African Americans and South East Asian Americans can work together musically doesn’t mean things are hunky dory between the two communities.

Shaman Ajmani first heard urban desi while manning the counter at his father’s Indian music store in Berkeley, California. He says it took a while for American desis to break into the rap game. Ajmani says that, even though black and South Asian melodies blend seamlessly, the cultural exchange isn’t always harmonious. “I do see some Indians over here using the ‘n word.’ It’s so annoying. I feel like saying, ‘What’re you doing, man. Don’t try to be black.'”

NPR 15 Oct 2008


Written by rentec

16 October, 2008 at 12:09 am

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