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A Blow Out or a Steal

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I was supposed to go and vote last week but I didn’t.  I want to say I’m a traditionalist who has always voted on election day and that is the way it will always be.   I won’t lie, the only tradition I adhere to is the tradition of procrastination. 

But I will get up tomorrow and be one of the first people to vote at my poll office, that is if I decide not to sleep in.  But with Starbucks tempting me with free coffee it just might be in my interest to try to swing as many free cups as I can out of this deal.  I mean, in voting there may as well be something in it for me –other than a new president. 

Things are looking up for Obama in Ohio, but I’m not going to sleep on the McCain campaign and supporters to try to throw up stop sticks.  Last week an Ohio man tried to get Obama’s name taken off the Ohio ballot, claiming the Illinois Senator wasn’t an American citizen.  The magistrate threw the case out and told the complainant to stop relying for his news on the web.

Many people are fearing that the Democrats will steal the election especially after the story of Acorn signing up fake names.  The true story in that case is that employees of Acorn weren’t performing their job and getting paid for signing up people that didn’t exist.  The thought is that Republicans could be positioning themselves to challenge the vote count in OH and other places should Obama win by anything other than a landslide.

When it comes to Politricks the Republicans are hip to the game.  Back in 2004 Diebold’s chief exectuive Walden O’Dell said that he was committed to delivering Ohio to President Bush.  The Ohio secretary of the state at the time was Ken Blackwell, who was also served as co-chair of President Bush’s re-election committee.  Election day 2004 was frought with voter problems.  There was problem with voting machines, people in certain areas were wiped from the rolls,  and there were long lines of people who didn’t get a chance to cast their ballots although they went to their polling place twice that day.

“Blackwell made Katherine Harris look like a cupcake,” Rep. John Conyers told me. “He saw his role as limiting the participation of Democratic voters. We had hearings in Columbus for two days. We could have stayed two weeks, the level of fury was so high. Thousands of people wanted to testify. Nothing like this had ever happened to them before.”

Which is probably why the turnout for early voting in Ohio is so high.  Everyone, especially Democrats, want to make sure that their votes get counted this time.  A co-worker said she tried to cast her vote at about 11 am this morning and the lines outside the Hamilton County election board were long.  The news is reporting that the people who have cast their votes this past Saturday and today will not have their votes put into the tally tomorrow night but after November 14th.

Which we might all be waiting for if the polls are correct abou the race being tight.  On Bill Moyers Journal, Bill Moyers said that some early voters were experiencing problems with miscalibrated voting machines.

Reports from West Virginia say early voters are already sharing Homer’s frustration for real. A handful of voters there insist that the touch screen voting machines changed their votes, just as Mark Crispin Miller warned last week. Election officials blamed poorly calibrated machines and voter error. But a similar problem has popped up in Tennessee – but there, McCain supporters claim their votes have gone to Obama. So wherever you vote, be vigilant.

Bill Moyers Journal, October 24, 2008


Written by rentec

3 November, 2008 at 5:58 pm

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