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Election 08: Afternoon

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“Did you vote?”

That has been the question du jour from all the kids.  They aren’t able to vote because they are too young but they are curious if we have.  I show them my sticker and get nods of approval and high fives.

Many of the teens are coming in with their Obama stickers and wearing Obama t-shirts.  One girl even had an Obama/Biden sign she made herself. 

It’s interesting to see all the kids who are interested in this election.  When I was a teen I followed politics a bit but I wasn’t as interested as these kids.  And in my early twenties I only voted during presidential elections; it wasn’t until I hit 25/26 that I began to follow local politics, levies, and issues.

But maybe these kids will be different. Maybe this will be a resurgence in civics.


Written by rentec

4 November, 2008 at 10:21 pm

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