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Election 08: Late Morning

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Things have calmed down — a bit.

J went to vote and said he walked in, voted, walked out.

“What?!  No lines?”

Nope.  No lines.  Only J would have that luck!

One of my nephew messages me back to say he will make sure my mom gets to the polls.  I’m doing a bit of a dance.  Yes!  Turn AZ blue!  I call my mother to say that they will be calling her to make sure she votes.

We get into a conversation and she might not be able to vote.  She registered to vote 5 years ago but never received her voters card or notice of where she should vote.  I disappointed. 

“Mom!  How could you be unsure?” I whined.  I know it wasn’t a shriek, it was a whiny voice.  “You and Swerve are the ones who made me go register to vote 20 years ago so I could vote in my first presidential election.”

“Oh, I know baby, I’m sorry,” she said.  I felt bad for her feeling bad. 

Mental note: Mama needs to register out in the AZ.  She’s at retiring age–past retiring age and she needs a say in this mess.

“It’s okay, Ma,” I say to her.  “But you have to tell your grandsons you can’t vote in this election.”

She asks me if Mimi is registered to vote and I tell her yes and that I threatened her with a belt if she didn’t.

At 11am my friend Evil calls me up to ask me if I voted.  I told her I hell yeah I had and had a long line to wait in.  She did, too.

“And you know, I was standing in line to feed the ballot into the machine,” she whispered into the phone.  “I was being nosy, folks weren’t covering their ballots and I could see a few of the.  Girrrl, these white folks out here are voting for that African!”

Evil cannot accept Barack as “black”.  To her black is herself, her family, me and everyone we know of slave ancestry.  Barack is just a Halfrican, which she is willing to accept over Mack the Knife.

“You know, he’s still black, but probably more white than anything.  Have you seen him next to his paternal grandfather?  He looks dead on him.”

Our conversation veers off into biracial people who are brown in color but caucasian features.  We end the conversation with her (still whispering) that she nver thought she’d see the day when her Republican white neighbors could go for a person of color.

“Imagine that,” she says.


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4 November, 2008 at 5:42 pm

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