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Election Day 08: Morning

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I woke up at 2am this morning and started scrambling for the remote. 

“Election returns… election returns…”I thought frantically. “I gotta see if my boy won.”

I realized that it was election day, not the morning after.  I turned off the television and went back to sleep. I kept waking up periodically, excited about getting out to vote.

Finally at 6am I got up.  I woke up J, too.

“Come on, we have to go vote,” I said nudging him.

He looked at me through barely opened eyes, fluffed his pillow and then turned his head the other way.  “I’ll vote after work,” he yawned.

“No, now, this morning or you may never get in!”

“I don’t want to go this morning.” I began to beat him with a pillow.  Five minutes later I jump in the shower.  I remember he never changed his voting location to where we have lived for the last four years; he has still been voting inside the city because he likes the city more.

I go back into the bedroom to confront J.

“Did you change your voting location?”

“No, I like voting in the city.” I begin to snap him with the towel; when I’m tired of that I revert back to the pillow.

I jump on Facebook real quck to remind each of my nephews to make sure my mom makes it to the polls.

At 6:40 I’m out the door.  I walk into the polling place at 6:45 and see a long line of neighbors out to vote.


I call James to see if I was in the right place and he scrounges into the bedroom trash can for my polling post card.  I’m in the right place, section A. 

Deux fois merde!

I stand in line, worrying I’m going to miss my bus and my Starbucks free coffee.  I make small talk with people around me; although we are all there to vote no one brings up who they will vote for.  Instead we talk about how we love our street, the view of old town square from where we live, and the quietness of the area.  I wave to friends/neighbors who beat me to the punch.  One neighbor is there with her son, voting in his first election.   Another neighbor is the ex mayor of a village four miles over.

I turn on NPR and they talk about the long lines expected at polls.  Yeah, nice to know that.

At 7:35 I finally get to vote.  Temps environ fichu!  This dude was slow exiting his booth and then he was slow to move out the way. I was one of a few black people there to vote in this building.  Yeah, I know, we’re moving everywhere, I think.  Ain’t life a bitch.  He’s still standing in my way looking lost, I look at him as I would the town idiot.   I know it’s early but dang, gotta get to work.

I vote!  I’m out the door.  (insert Hallelujah chorus here)  I rush home and J is ready to drive me to work so he can go vote.


“I thought you were going to wait until after work.”

“Just come on.”

I get to work and, as you know, libraries are polling places. People are lined up outside the door and milling about.  It’s too many people to see this early.  But I rush past them and come in to work.

I drop off mini cupcakes in my old department.  They want to see my voting sticker.

“Yes, I voted,” I said flashing them.  I leave rolling my eyes.  As if they wouldn’t eat my cupcakes if I didn’t vote.

Written by rentec

4 November, 2008 at 4:54 pm

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