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So, I haven’t been writing on this blog because the days are shorter and my body wants to hibernate.  And I went to visit my daughter, bearing gifts of homemade soup, biscuits, and veggie dip. 

And, I have been non writing with nanowrimo08.

And so, I have some observations on it.  Not on what my story is about– what else would you think my story is about?  If you read the blog you probably have a jist.  And my story is a rough, rough first draft.  If it was tangible it could scrub the scum off your pots and pans.  And I’m so woefully behind –I’ve barely crack 8,000 words and in order to finish the month out with nanowrimo08 I need to get down 42,000 more. 

And I’ve realized why I have never sat down to write the great American novel before.  It’s just so damn solitary.  And time consuming.  If I’m sitting down writing I don’t have time to spend with Jon & Kate or NeNe or Dr. House (who comes on now a few times a day, begging me to watch him).  No, instead I have to sit down and write. Alone.  In a room.  With only my imagination to keep me company and now that it is I have to wonder am I a bit insane?

Which leads me to my observation not about me but others who are on this journey.  So, while at work I take quick looks on the nanowrimo08 threads that get delivered to my in-box.  There are people asking interesting questions –like a white guy who was curious about how long it takes for black women to cornrow their hair.  And there are sad questions like someone who set the goal of 10,000 words a day but has been unable to meet it so she wants to quit. 

But what strikes me is the number of people who have been speaking of their characters as real people.  Like this one writer said her main character just walked off and now she has no idea where he went and he didn’t show up when he was supposed to.

Or they speak of the events as if they were real.

In a way it’s pretty cool, if not kind of odd, that the imagination isn’t dead.  Americans have been outsourcing their imagination for decades now.  Instead of just a doll that you could imagine drinks, eats and poops you can get the actual thing.  Or instead of playing cowboys and indians kids can just turn on a video game and have the world recreated for them.  Instead of reading books or listening to storytellers we can just watch it on the big screen.

Although there are some people who are struggling, to have a group of people carried away by their imagination is pretty cool.


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18 November, 2008 at 3:32 pm

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