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Freedom Hero: Fred Ho

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I could probably sum up my love for Fred Wei-han Ho in two words: jazz and sociology.

But then I guess it would need more explaining.

I don’t think anyone has explored African American/Asian American relations more than Ho has.  Perhaps one could make an argument for Professor Takaki because of his scholarship.  But Ho has explored the topic though different media.   Through books (Afro Asia: Revolutionary Political and Cultural Connections between African Americans and Asian Americans) through music CDs (his jazz compilations with his Afro-Asian Music Ensemble) and through visuals (he has several videos of ballets/operas/dance movements he writtern such as the Black Panther Suite and Warrior Sisters). 

He is the first first Asian American to receive the Duke Ellington Distinguished Artist Lifetime Achievement Award.  He’s an activist, he’s a womynist, he’s a cancer survivor.  He’s a revolutionary for the 21st century.I have followed his career for years (I have his books and his cds) and never understood why he doesn’t get more attention.    Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t have a niche since he often explores the interconnected of both the AsAm and AfAm communities.  Or maybe it’s because conflict is more interesting than camaraderie.  I’m not really sure, but then it doesn’t really matter because if you are interested in AfroAsian politics then now you know he’s the man to learn from.  Go to his website to find out more about him.  Or you can wait until March 09 to get the Fred Ho Reader called “Wicked Theory, Naked Practice” which contains his writings, speeches and interviews.


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29 December, 2008 at 1:51 am

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  1. Fred Ho is impossible to categorize because he has creates “in space.” Like the Asian master painters, the space is where the art is. For the Asian potters, the nick in the pot is where the mastery lies. I’d like to focus on his musical wizardry. Who else can create a full-length opera with a political bomb powering the music through to the end? Who else can seamlessly simultaneously pay homage to Coltrane, Sun Ra, Ellington, while skewering our minds with his fresh vibrant sounds? When I first heard Mr. Ho play, I thought it sounded like powerful farting, but over the many years that I have had a privilege to know Mr. Ho, his tremendous journey through his music has taken me to a revolutionary place–space!!! Love and respect to Fred Ho!

    Mad Asian Womyn

    13 February, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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