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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Vilify ‘Em

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It’s apparent that some think the way for the Republicans to take back the White House in 2012 is to bring back the old school values.   You know the ones: where black folks knew their place and any who tried to get uppity enough to put themselves on par with white folks were lynched?

Yeah, those values.

They haven’t brought back the lynching tree –yet, but I’m sure if someone has a noose these folks will be elbowing to get to the front row.

I have long said that John McCain put Sarah Palin on his ticket because it spoke to a certain type of person; not just the bible thumpers, but the ones who mean caucasians when they say put America first.  According to a recent articleon the Huffington Post a website called Team Sarah.orgwhich was created to help advance the values that Palin expoused on the road has been doing some race bashing.   Reporter Geoffrey Dunn has noted that on :

  • Some TeamSarah forum goers are hoping for an assassination
  • Refer to Michelle Obama as Bitchelle and also think she should go back to Africa
  • Make negative comments about African Americans in general

Dunn wrote an article earlier in the month about how racist comments similar to those above were coming from emails on a State of Alaska email account.  In the letters were comments like “Another black family living in public housing” referring to the Obamas move into the White House and the “Night Befo Crizzmus”.  Palin has yet to comment on the mysterious Alaska state letters.

Then does anyone really expect her to?  She incited racist sentiments while she was on the campaign trail and had to be reigned in by McCain.  It said it wasn’t what she meant, but you would have to be from a galaxy far, far away not to get her soft coded racial speech.

Or oblivious to what emails even are.


Written by rentec

29 December, 2008 at 3:34 am

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