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NAACP on Hollywood

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Again the NAACP is calling Hollywood out on the carpet (not the red one) for not being diversified.

There are minorities on shows with ensemble casts but there aren’t enough minorities who are leading the shows.

But then maybe it depends on where you look and how you look.  What is classified as black or if someone who is multiracial but playing a white character counts?

On the Fox show prison break the lead character is a white guy.  But the actor who stars in the show, Wentworth Miller, is multiracial (which some might classify as simply black since he has some African American ancestry).

Jessica Szhor looking like a pretty biracial girl

Jessica Szhor looking like a pretty biracial girl

 Where did the black go?The same is with Gossip Girl’s Jessica Szhor.  She has a parent that is African American.

But I, too, would like to see more black looking black people on the four networks and have them the focus on the show.  Or some shows with Asians on it.  Or Hispanics.  And while we are at it I’d also like for them to pull off the forensic-type shows.  It’s a bit old.

One of the problems is that Hollywood doesn’t know how to make a black show with mass appeal.  Good Times and the Jeffersons were new for the 70s and they stumbled upon the Cosby Show in the 80s.   But now the main images of African Americans come to us through music videos.

“A lot of times, they’re not looking for your type,” Corbin Bleu of High School Musical fame said. “Especially because I’m mixed, especially. A lot of times they either want to go full on Caucasian or they want to go full on black. They either want somebody who is really black and from the street, and urban, and a little bit ghetto, or they want a Caucasian. That’s probably one of the hardest struggles for me. You never know when work is going to come in. ”

And that is it in a nutshell.  Black in the media is limited to being urban and street, whereas white gets to portray anything.   

The NAACP is raising the possibility of calling a boycott against an unspecified network if things don’t change.  But over the years of them chastizing the networks and issuing these reports, have they ever changed?


Written by rentec

6 January, 2009 at 9:41 pm

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  1. You would like to see more “black looking black people”? Yeah but if these multi-racial persons would go so far as to say they are not solely black but multi-racial you would have a problem with it. I dont understand you Black people. You want all bi-racial or multi-racial persons to say they’re Black and start referencing to the infamous, racist “one drop rule”. And when they do say they are Black and deny their bi-racial heritage in an effort to please the Black race you complain about not having black looking people on TV and make nasty comments towards our light skin with “yella bitch”. Make up your damn minds!


    29 December, 2010 at 1:57 pm

  2. Kimber, I don’t know why you’re being racist against black people. Afro Americans are the only ones that ever accepted me as a biracial person. My black family members do acknowlege my Caucasian side, while my Caucasian family can’t stand the fact that I’m not 100% white, when I look more white than anything. I understand why the NAACP would request fully-black people in TV shows, because there are millions of fully black people in the United States! Why should they not get airtime? What if we just pulled all the white people out of the white character roles on mainstreamed TV shows and replaced them with multiracial people who looked black but had some degree of white in them? Yeah, thought so.

    D. McLarty

    24 January, 2013 at 7:37 am

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