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Black Women’s Health in the News

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The Washington Post ran two interesting articles about Black Women’s health in the news.  The first one was about “green” relaxers.  There is a small push for manufacturers to make hair relaxers less caustic and more hair and environment friendly.

Driven by savvy consumers such as Smith Marshall, the shifts in hair and body products seem to be continuing. Earlier this year, Whole Foods came out with a “Premium Body Care” seal to promote products that do not contain any of 300 ingredients that a group of chemists and body care experts working with the grocer determined could have negative health effects and/or cause harm to the environment. The list of unacceptable components includes many found in traditional straightening products, such as parabens, polypropylene and polyethylene glycols, sodium lauryl and laureth sulfates.

The second, which I find odd, is about shrinkage.  Black women have been getting shorter. 

According to the NHANES (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey)data, black women who were born in the United States around 1980 are on average a little shorter than 5-foot-4 today. Those born in the mid-1960s are on average a little more than half an inch taller.

This is something that we have found interesting in my family because I am taller than my mother but my daughter is a bit shorter than me (but still taller than  my mom).

Both of the articles don’t raise major health issues; there has never been a corrolation between regular relaxers and cancer in black women nor does it pose a risk that my daughter stands five foot three and a half than the 5 foot seven she aspires to be.  But these things are something to be aware of.


Written by rentec

8 January, 2009 at 4:47 pm

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  1. Great post! Raising the questions and the awareness is the first step in achieving changes that will not only benefit us as the human race, but will also benefit the earth. Thank you!


    8 January, 2009 at 7:00 pm

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