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Breakin’: Who’s the Best?

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“Nay, Nay!” J called from the other room.  “Come here you gotta watch this!”

“I’m washing dishes,” I yelled back.

“Hurry up!” I walk into the other room and tell him it better be good.  He is pointing at the television. 

“Look!” he said with a big smile on his face.

If J was prone to man crushes I’d say he had one on Hok.  The season Hok was on So You Think You Can Dance  J watched until Hok was eliminated.  I don’t think he watched the show last year.

Hok was back on TV on MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew which is now J’s favorite dance show.  His favorite crew from the first season was Jabbarwockeez, who were really good.  SuperCrew was a close second.  From season 2 his favorite was So Real Cru.  He grumbled when they lost claiming they couldn’t let another all Asian group win.

So now Hok is on ABDC’s season 3 with what looks like a nearly all Asian dance group.  He even brought another SYTYCD contestant, Dominic who renamed himself D-Trick.   The group is called the Quest Dance Crew.  I called them ringers.  They’ll at least come in the top three if Beat Freaks doesn’t beat them.

After the performance J is hyped.  He starts going on about how Asians (Koreans specifically) have taken over breaking.

“Blacks started it,” J said.  “But Koreans have perfected it.”

“They perfected it?” I said getting defensive.  “Who said it needed to be perfected? Who said we aren’t still holding it down?”

Perhaps J has something.   Last year in an article about the resurgence of the breakdancing craze cited South Korean dance crews as taking their B-boying seriously with dancers practicing five hours a day, seven days a week. 

“Of the top six or seven crews in the world, I’d say half of them are from Korea,” says Christopher “Cros One” Wright, 33, an American dance promoter and b-boy to

Even Hollywood is getting in on the act.  With dance movies being really hot right now South Korean hip hop dancers Gamblers are slated to come out in a movie later this year where the group are matched up against former members of B2K . ( If the Gamblers are this hot why B2K? And not even Omarion but dudes no one talks about anymore.)

I can concede on giving J this one, but I will never believe that he was a B-Boy tearing up the streets of Cleveland back in the day.  I’ll have to see some video footage for that one.

Written by rentec

19 January, 2009 at 10:35 pm

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  1. I meant to comment on this before. First please tell J he needs to stop. LOL.

    While it’s always nice when another cultural expands on something the black community has already done…trying to claim something like creativity expression is a losing battle. Besides where would everyone be if black folks stop doing stuff..they’ve have nothing to do…LOL

    I’m curious to see what black folks would do once hey got their hands on some asian dances steps…I bet they can take a Nammu ( korean folk dance) to new levels. LOL


    27 January, 2009 at 12:21 pm

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