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Chandni Chowk: Where Bollywood Meets Kung-fu

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Produced by Warner Brothers and starring one of Bollywood’s hottest stars (Ashkay Kumar) Chandi Chowk to China marries Bollywood song and dance with the high action of martial arts.

Released world wide on January 17, the movie may finally get western audiences grooving to bollywood music.  What is it about?  Jeff Yang wonders why no one has ever thought of the combination before as her explains the movie  as

And though its ingredients seem random — A lowly Indian food vendor revealed as the reincarnation of an ancient Chinese warrior! Separated-at-birth twins, one a dance queen, the other a kung-fu femme fatale! Bolly-style dance routines in the Forbidden City! The god Ganesha embodied in the form of a potato! — like the tastiest culinary creations of both cultures, the oddly juxtaposed textures and flavors come together in surprisingly harmonious union.

And a Reuter’s blog says it relies heavily on the Bollywood formula:

Now whether you like this film or not depends on whether you like the “formula”. Do you like the twins separating-at-birth-and-meeting-20-years-later formula? Or perhaps the I-will-avenge-my-father’s-death formula? Take your pick because “Chandni Chowk to China” has taken each and every cliché from Hindi cinema of the 70s and 80s and repackaged it.

Akshay Kumar plays Sidhu, a simpleton cook in Delhi’s famed Chandni Chowk, who fumbles his way through life and is waiting for the stroke of luck that will change his life. Through a chance encounter possible only in Hindi cinema, he meets two natives of China. They are convinced Sidhu is the reincarnation of the ancient warrior Liu Sheng, who will rescue them from the clutches of evil villain Hojo.

The movie might do better with millenials than those in the over 30 market.  Movie musicals like High School Musical and Cheetah Girls is really popular with tweens, teens and early twenty somethings and younger people are more open to the cross over cultual movies than older people are.  the only problem I can see is the language barrier (considering they opt not to English dub the film) and the film plot being more convulted and farfetched than Glitter.  But then who listens to the words if the storyline has a good beat?


Written by rentec

19 January, 2009 at 6:34 am

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  1. LMAO….you nigga, I meant to say something about this also. I’m a big bollywood fan and love this actor…he’s funny. Now while I laughed me ass off at the idea of a indian being reincarnated as a chinese gotta give them credit for trying to do something…ummm…interesting? I gotta try and see this (writing note to remind myself)


    27 January, 2009 at 12:26 pm

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