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Slum Love? What the (bleeeeep)!

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from NY Mag

from NY Mag

I basically ignored when Steele got the nod to head the GOP because, really, who cares?  The GOP has had high profile African Americans for the last couple of years (Condi, Colin) and so Steele being the head of the Grand Ole’ Party means nothing to me.

I even shook him off when he said he wanted to give the Repubs a hip hop makeover.  I think it’s stupid.  It’s out of his generation.  For it to work he would need to be a bit younger and pull out some pics of himself wearing the big dope ropes and stringless Adidas.  But if the boomers want to think that they can get “jiggy’ with it then by all means let them “jiggy” their geritol behinds all over the place while we laugh behind their backs.

But when Curtis Sliwa asked Steele if he wanted to offer Bobby Jindal some slum love because of his performance on Tuesday night I have to put my foot down.  Number one, because y’all asses are too damn old to try to hang with youth slang and number two, that sounds like some kind of Log Cabin isht.  Y’all sure you want to go there?  It’s not like y’all been showing love to Gays and Lesbians and the last thing I wanna see on my TV late one night is Republicans Gone Wyld.  Rush Limbaugh raising his shirt, showing off his man boobs.  Mitch McConnell cooing into the camera talking about he’s still young and got it going on.  And then the creme de la creme Steele and Jindal showing us what slum lovin’ really means.

Ewww, ewww! My brain.  Don’t wanna see it!  Ewww. Happy place.  Happy place.  Trees, flowers, Obama signing bills…


Okay, I’m back.

The hip hop make over, not going to work.  You guys just sound like Grandpa Simpson trying to stay on track.  And the young people who fall into the GOP don’t necessarily want to see that either.  You can’t lead them that way.  You have to listen to them, not try to “jive talk” with them. (You guys remember that slang, right?)

If you want to show that the GOP is fresh then it takes more than just bringing out folks of different colors (although it won’t hurt).  You need some new ideas.  You need another way to look at things.  You have to change the paradigm.  You have to show that everyone gets a chance to play, not just those who can remember when the internet was the radio.

Ya feel me?  Prolly not.


Written by rentec

26 February, 2009 at 10:24 pm

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