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Asian Americans are the Working Poor

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Hat tip to the Blog Slant Eye for the Round Eye.

When people think of poverty they automatically put a black face on it  but recent studies show that the number of Asian Americans in poverty is growing.

Looking at aggregate figures, one might easily assume that virtually all Asian Americans are living the American Dream. Census data puts Asian Americans as a group at the top of the income scale, with the highest education levels of any racial group.6 Asian Americans are more likely to graduate from college and doctoral programs, and to come from two-parent homes than any other population in our country today.

But a closer look at these figures tells another story. While as a group Asian Americans fare well, a substantial subgroup falls far below the poverty line. Per capita income for Cambodian, Hmong, and Laotian Americans is about half that of whites, and below that of African Americans, Latinos, and American Indians.

Invisible Americans:  the Hidden Plight of Asian Americans in Poverty

Last fall the Asian American Federation did a similar study and also found Asian Americans to be at the bottom of America’s financial ladder.

Our findings counter the widely held perception of Asian Americans doing well financially,” said Cao K. O, executive director of the Asian American Federation. “Almost one-fifth of Asian New Yorkers lived in poverty and close to half of this largely working-poor, immigrant population was in the low-income bracket in 2006.”

To read more check out the two studies: here and here.

And to view a news story on the subject click here.


Written by rentec

4 March, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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