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Won’t You Take Me to… Boogie Town?

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I found the trailer for this movie over on Angry Asian

Everything I think about the trailer for Boogie Town he summed up.

Is this one of those Asians vs. Blacks movies? Like Romeo Must Die? (By the way, there’s a girl in this movie that looks a lot Aaliyah.)…  It’s the next big dance flick, baby. I’m not quite sure what that jumping back and forth thing was at the end. I guess You’ve Got Served meets West Side Story in the future wasn’t enough — you have to add super powers

I was going to pass on it but Bruce Locke is in it and he is pretty damn fine.   I might have to suffer through it  with my nephews just to get glimpses of him. 

I can see this being pretty popular with the 25 and under crowd.  Dancing is really big right now –I can’t say the same thing about Marques Houston but he seems to be able to bounce back (as witnessed in the film). 

Not to be outdone his play brother Omarion is slated to have a Black/Asian movie come out this summer, too, called Hype Nation.  We’ll see who can do it better.


Written by rentec

12 March, 2009 at 7:11 pm

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