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I’m just waiting.

I’m waiting for the news to sink in to Black community that in Chocolate City 7% of black men suffer from AID/HIV.

That the district’s HIV/AIDS Administration director, Shannon Hader, noted that the city’s rate of infection surpasses stats in West Africa and is “on par with Uganda and some parts of Kenya.”  It’s like we are a third world country within ourselves.

A few years ago news came out that African American women were the leading AIDS cases in the U.S.   The response on local black talk radio became heated as the women called in to place the blame on DL men and the men deflected saying it was black women who had it because the stats for black men didn’t bear out.

In DC, African American men who identified as heterosexual made up the bulk of the new cases.

Although the focus is on DC, I wouldn’t be surprised if the stats bore themselves out in other places because, lets get real here, black folks don’t like talking about fringe sexuality.

It’s that odd conservatism that plays out in our community.  You can sing about sex all day long, even think it’s cute when lil Dayquon sings along with “To the Window” by Lil John.  But to talk about homosexuality and to teach someone it’s okay to be that way or encourage them to protect themselves or to wait until the right one comes along for them (just because you are gay or lesbian doesn’t mean the same rules can’t apply) it just doesn’t happen.

It’s something I can’t explain.  I understand it, but I can’t put it into words why it is the way it is.   Why we are complicit in helping to maintain the grandiose image of black masculinity that we play down homosexuality or encourage someone bisexual to keep it under wraps.

Or that we look at lesbianism as another way of black women challenging black manhood, so again we try to marginalize them.  It’s particularly odd since the black community is a matriarchal one.

I don’t know what I expect.  But still, I’m going to wait.

(checking the time)

One day we are going to talk about this, for real.


Written by rentec

17 March, 2009 at 4:31 pm

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