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Someday My (White) Prince Will Come

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Sometimes black folks get heated over stuff I just can’t fathom.

First folks were complaining because Disney never had a black princess, then folks didn’t like the name Maddie because it sounded kind of “slave-ish”,  they disliked that voodoo was put in (although magic is a key component in a lot of their films) and then they didn’t like the fact that Princess Tiana (I know, that name does not sound like it’s from the 1920s) had a white suitor.  So they gave him a tan and named him Naveen.

Princess Tiana and her Prince Naveen

Princess Tiana and her Prince Naveen

(Big, deep, sigh)

My people.  My people.  Get a damn life!

This is Disney’s movie they have a right to tell it how they see fit.  I would be behind them if there wasn’t so much nitpicking before with the name and the color.  Yeah, it would be nice for them to put a black prince with a black princess because they’ve never put a black looking prince with a white looking princess but the color of the prince doesn’t really matter to me.  Maybe some are missing the point but it’s the female who is the lead of the story, the guy is just an accessory.  He could be purple with polka dots (okay, maybe not an alien) but when it comes to the Princess tales like Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty the guy is just a guest star, not the star.   He’s an arm charm.  It’s little girls they are marketing to, not little boys and the little boys who might want to go see the flick aren’t really worried being prince charming but getting with prince charming themselves (sorry to tell you).

So should little black girls grow up to dream of marrying little black Prince charming boys?  Don’t they do that already?  But if one really feels the need to inculcate them with that vision then maybe they should pick up Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters or Cendrillon or better yet maybe we should get together, collect some money and fund some black artists, animators and storytellers so we can tell our story our way.

Although when a black person got to tell Cinderella their way they still put a multicultural spin on it.


Written by rentec

20 March, 2009 at 9:49 pm

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