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OMG! They killed Kutner! (you bleeep)

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I guess it’s not without irony that the week after NPR airs a storyabout Indian Americans are raising their profile on TV that two of the most high profile ones might not be on after this season.

On Lost, Sayid is running wild in the woods after trying to kill off a young Ben.  (No need to spoil alert it; if you haven’t watched the episode by now then you aren’t a true Lostie so you can’t claim to be upset).

And now Kutner is killed by alleged homicide.  I say alleged because if you go on to the makeshift memorial to express your sentiments on the loss of the character there is a kind of odd note there from Foreman.  I missed the first 20 minutes of the show so I don’t know what was really eating up Foreman aside from the fact he found the body.  Is it me or is Foreman acting like he needs to have a box of tissue handed to him this season? 

But anyway…

What’s going to happen next?  Is Kelly Kapoor of the Office going to have a strange accidental death involving make up and a color copier?  Will Suresh be thrown back in time and end up in 1930s Jim Crow south and mistaken for a “Negra with some good hair” and end up strung up?

I would have thought it Indian Americans would have a longer time in the spot light than just these few years.  It happens like that a lot.  One minute you are the color du jour; in the 80s blacks were every where.  We had a couple of hot tv shows, black models like Beverly Johnson and Iman were household names, Jesse Jackson Sr was respected.  White folks couldn’t get enough of us.  But then by 1995-blam– it was all over and back to being the ones to be frightened of.  We really didn’t start coming back until early millennium but it’s not like it was before.

And now, ER is over and Dr. Neela Rasgotra is out of a job.  Maybe Seattle Grace is need of a new doctor.  Or Princeton Plainsboro, since they just lost a doctor.  But be careful, the main doctor can be a lascivious, race baiting, pill popping jerk that can drive the patience of a saint.

Why do we think that Kutner killed himself again?

So while Indian Americans are debating whether they are or aren’t this decades new model minority, most people are just wondering who Indian Americans are.  Since they only make up 3% of the population, chances are most people aren’t going to interact with Indian Americans other than the possibility of when they see their doctor (my last two docs were Indian) or if they need an engineer for some reason.  Sad to say, most people still get their views of minorities from TV, which is why we need a wide array of images on television, not revamped stereotypes.

Hopefully Sayid will come stumbling out of the woods unscathed some time later this season and Anoop Desai will do a very unstereotypcial Indian American thing by winning American Idol.  A surprise to many, he’s the best singer on the show this season.


Written by rentec

7 April, 2009 at 5:08 am

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  1. The reason that the Kutner character committed suicide is because actor Kal Penn informed the producers that he was leaving the show… for another job.

    His new boss is President Barack Obama. No, really. Kal Penn is now the Associate Director in the office of Public Liaison for the White House.

    And that’s why they wrote him out of the show. He left on very good terms, but Obama made him a job offer he didn’t want to pass up, and he wasn’t gonna be able to do the show anymore because of it.

    DTG in STL

    7 April, 2009 at 7:40 am

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