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I’m a vacillating Christian.  I have my problems with some texts in the bible and I have my problems with the behavior of some “Christians”.  I think any thinking person who is a Christian will question their beliefs from time to time.  It keeps you on your toes as well as helps to solidify exactly what you believe in and why you do what you do.

So last night J and I went to buy Easter baskets because we promised my best friend Vee two so she can make her quota of 400 (I wanna see her do that) to give away to the poor kids in the Hood.  While shopping for them I had a really strong reaction against it and I realized it was because I didn’t like the idea of giving out Easter baskets on an occasion that should be held in solemnity for self-reflection.  I know the baskets are for children, but do you teach them the heaviness of the day by encouraging them to participate in frivolity?

And then I went on a tangent about how pagan it is.  Most people don’t even understand why we give out Easter baskets and how the bunny and the egg have become a part of this holiday.  (The goddess Eostre changed a dying bird into a bunny and that bunny still laid eggs.  The goddess was said to give the eggs as presents.  It’s a symbol of rebirth and spring.)  And it doesn’t go unnoted that a few of these people sometimes rail against Halloween for pagan origins. 

But the whole purpose of celebrating Jesus’ Resurrection is to be glad that we are freed from sin and to repurpose our lives to try to walk in his footsteps.  But it gets lost among the rush for Easter outfits and candy. 

 Why don’t folks just say they are all about commercialism and they don’t want to go to heaven if they can’t accessorize.

J wasn’t listening to me though.

So I log onto WordPress and see this  pic on a blog.  It’s perfect.


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  1. LMAO. Your so wrong to post that photo but since Easter has little to nothing to do withe the resurrection of Jesus Chris then hey

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