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Blasian the Volleyball in China

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A good friend sent me this article about a Blasian volleyball player in China.

Ding Hui

Ding Hui

Ding Hui, the son of a black South African father and Chinese mother, was raised by his single mother in Hangzhou.  He stands 6’2″ and will be the first mixed race player on any national team in China.

It’s interesting that although Ding Hui was raised in China by his Chinese mother the news reports are treating him like a foreigner, with someone commenting he is just as black as President Barack Obama. 

And he definitely does look black which many note when speaking of him, pointing out his coloring, lips and teeth but culturally he is probably just as Chinese as the nationals making the comments.  With his father not in his life what would he know of South Africa?  I am sure growing up in an ethnocentric community has prepared him for prejudice.

“Chinese views towards black people are not sophisticated, partly because it is not very common to see any in the cities and even less in the country,” a group of Beijing residents told The Times. “A lot of people will be very curious about Ding, and will be positive towards this decision to have him on the team. On the other hand, there are still plenty of Chinese who, unfortunately, think of black people as somewhat barbarous or automatically assume they are involved in crime.” The Government insists that racism does not exist in China but some commentators remain sceptical. Beijing’s energetic investments in Africa — many centred on the supply of oil from Angola and other big regional producers — is the culmination of many decades of strong Sino-African relations. China was never involved in the black slave trade, which has eased its dealings on the continent and allowed it to talk, during the Cold War, of a “Third World coalition”.

However, the treatment of black students has not been without controversy and African and Chinese students clashed violently in the 1980s. There are suggestions, too, that black people living in Beijing were the target of a pre-Olympic police crackdown last summer.

Times Online, 15 April 2005  “Young, gifted and black: China unveils Ding Hui, its new Olympic hope”

Like many others I’ll be watching in 2012 to see how things go for him.  Of course I’ll be rooting for the USA to win the gold but maybe China can come in a good distant second.


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18 April, 2009 at 2:30 pm

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