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Saving Our Daughters

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For the last few years Black men have been getting slammed pretty hard in the black community for their absenteeism, misogyny, and all around solipsistic attitude.  And they have deserved it.

So when they do something good I have put them on.

A group of black male celebrities like rapper T.I and football player Sean Garrett talk about fathering (wow–I don’t think I’ve ever used that noun as a verb) in the book Saving Our Daughters.

Shirley Henderson, Associate Editor of EBONY Magazine, said, “Young women and girls are our most valuable asset in the African-American community. That’s precisely why Saving Our Daughters: From A Man’s Point Of View is a must read for anyone who is interested in preserving our treasure. With more than 70 percent of Black households without a father in the home, a staggering number of girls are growing up without daddy. The lack of a positive male influence means that our daughters are falling prey to a number of pitfalls—including early pregnancies, sexual abuse and drugs. Saving Our Daughters: From A Man’s Point Of View features the input of Black male leaders in film, television, music and sports. It confronts real issues in brutal honesty and without superficial hype. The book also serves as a beacon of hope for those of us who know better and who want better for our daughters. Our daughters who are so worthy of any and all efforts that we put forth to help save them. Take a step to that goal by reading Saving Our Daughters!”

Father’s Day is over two months away but you might want to think about giving this to the young fathers that you know.


Written by rentec

28 April, 2009 at 8:31 pm

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